Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Fox 13 News: Five Wives Vodka Sees Boost in Sales After Idaho Ban

Ogden's Own Distillery rakes in the bucks on the heels of the kind of publicity that money can't buy

As a followup to our earlier writeups on the subject, and amidst the doldrums of another s-l-o-o-w news day, one WCF-topical story rises to the surface this morning. Fox 13 News reported yesterday afternoon that as a result of the national furor over the Idaho banning of "Five Wives Vodka," sales of the Ogden City produced  liquor product with the funny label are flat-out booming:
Incidentally, we checked with our local favorite Utah DABC package store yesterday afternoon, and were told that they're all sold out.

On the heels of the kind of publicity that money couldn't buy,  Ogden's Own Distillery is predictably raking in the bucks.

OWD proprietors are "makin' hay while the sun shines," alright; and as an added bonus... they're putting Ogden City "on the map," wethinks.  That's what our WCF readers like, right?

So who'll be the first to throw in their own 2¢?

It's been a mite quiet around here of late.


Bob Becker said...

Nothing sold books like "Banned in Boston!"  We may see boutique distilleries now vying to be banned in Idaho, and suing the State Liquor Commission there if they're not.   ["Damn it, Winthorp, Idaho is going to sell our new gin in its stores. This is a disaster. I told you we needed a sexier label, that just naming it Mormon Nudist Camp Gin wouldn't be enough."]

Roughly akin to moviemakers who make films targeting teens that  get an initial  PG-13 rating going  back into production to film a sex scene to add to the film so it will be rated R.  Releasing a film aimed at teens rated PG-13 is guaranteed, they say, to lose money.

BikerBabe said...




BAT_girl said...

If youi really want to send OGDEN's OWN DISTILLERY  a little love, go tell then what you think on their FB page:

 Five Wives Vodka

BAT_girl said...

Leave it to TIME to produce a great story on FIVE WIVES VODKA banned in I-DE-HOOOOO. Congrats to Steve Conlin and TEAM UNDERGROUND........... for continuing to put O-TOWN on the national map. What's good for UNDERGROUND is good for Weber County Tourism.

I love the fact that TIME MAG filed this story under RELIGION, not under BOOZE!

Idaho Bans "Five Wives" Vodka, Out of Respect for Mormons


BAT_girl said...

Note done yet:


BAT_girl said...

Just in from SLC:


Sobpol said...

Yes, but my "Five" will be naked and I sure as hell don't want them called husbands ;-)

Sobpol said...

Lol, I didn't say I wanted them gay! NTTIAWWT

BAT_girl said...

I am just glad to see that Ogden's Own Distillery is have such a great RUN, with the national media, being booted from Idaho. Glad to see so many people along the Wasatch helping them out. Gay and straight alike.

We can now all order our FREE THE FIVE WIVES tee shirts from the:  http://www.ogdensownstore.com/product/freewives

Hopefully 2 Bit Street will carry them soon too.

TheLovelyJennifer said...

Afterthought: Five Wives Vodka

After reading this artickle, If "they" hadn't said "no Five Wives Vodka sold in Idaho ... period!" ... there wouldn't have been all of the hullaballoo; if it arrived in Liquor Stores and drinking establishments to be sold, how many would-be Offended Mormons would even know it was there --- they probably already are offended by the news of it being produced locally made headlines.


rudizink said...

 Good catch, TLJ.  I modified your comment, btw, to fix the broken link.

BAT_girl said...

 Jennifer..........All true. But those of us who market products for a living............ love stories like this.

As well.........the reaction to the Idaho Ban of Five Wives Vodka.......here along the Wasatch Front and nationwide...........has been very entertaining. The most entertaining modification of the Five Wives Vodka label into FIVE HUSBANDS VODKA........was produced in SLC. And just think about how many Mormons drink  .........anyway.

I would suspect, from what little I know about Idaho, that the provincial nature of most of the populaton of Idaho is rampant. I have heard it called ORANGE COUNTY NORTH. Nice scenery...........But still. Glad I do not live in Idaho.  If the waste of time that the Idaho State Liquor Board spent on banning Five Wives Vodka in Idaho..........is an indication of what it is like to live in Idaho.......except in major metro areas.........I'll stay in Ogden.

BAT_girl said...

 THANKS to Rudi, one more time, for providing a great platform for entertaining discussions of local Weber County culture, politics and events. As we gear up into this Presidential Election Cycle, I hope to see more Weber County citizens logging on here. When people who bother to vote..........also think about what they are voting for, a better job is done.

On that note, sad to hear that Sesame Street has just been discontinued in Pakistan.

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