Friday, June 01, 2012

Standard-Examiner: OUR VIEW: The Vodka War

Keep your heads down, folks...  The Standard predicts there's an upcoming Utah-Idaho trade war

In the wake of Wednesday's Standard Examiner story, (which reported that local Ogden hootchmaker, Ogden’s Own Distillery, has had its vodka product rejected for sale in the state of Idaho because the "label on the vodka offends women and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"), the OAD vodka brand is definitely relishing its fifteen minutes.  This morning's Standard follows up Wednesday's story with this strong editorial, which keeps "Five Wives Vodka" right up front in the local limelight:
Smith, Beatty & Conlin (Std-Ex Pic)
We gotta hand it to OAD proprietors Beatty, Conlin and Smith, who, in the finest spirit of opportunistic American free enterprise are making hay with this little tempest in a teapot, and cashing in big-time on all the free publicity. This morning's followup editorial reports that the story's now gone viral, and the SE editorial board is exactly right. Here's a brief sampling of the array of stories on this topic now appearing at various prominent sites across the web:
And that's just the tip of the iceburg.  There's more... much, much more.

Here's our reco.  Why not mosey on down to your local Utah DABC package store and score yourself a bottle of this fine locally-made artisan product right now?  Not only will you be supporting a local Ogden business, but you'll become a participant in history... in a roundabout way.

And if you're a non-imbiber, howbout a nice "Free the Five Wives" T-shirt for your next Two-five Drive Farmers Market summer morning stroll? We're sure these fine and attractive pieces of apparel will be de rigueur on the streets of Ogden 'til the cold weather hits around November.

And keep your heads down, folks.  The Standard predicts there's an upcoming Utah-Idaho trade war, probably something akin to the storied Hatfield-McCoy West Virginia-Kentucky "border war" back in the days of yore, we reckon.

So who'll be the first to toss in their own 2¢?


Bob Becker said...

OK.  No more Idaho taters 'til they back off.  Wasatch Brewery's "Polygamy Porter" is OK in Idaho [along with its two wonderful slogans:  "Why Have Just One?"  and "Bring Some Home To The Wives!"], but not 5 Wives vodka? Just plain nuts.

This is  what Idaho gets for electing so many liberals to its legislature and the governor's office:  liberals running wild at the state liquor commission, banning products because they offend someone. Isn't it about time they put some Republicans in office up there?

Oh... wait a minute... never mind. 

rudizink said...

 Good Mormons don't buy or consume vodka.  How can they be offended?

Bob Becker said...

You don't understand, Rudi.  The Idaho State Liquor Commission has shouldered the heavy responsibility of being offended on behalf of Idaho Mormons who may not actually be offended themselves for reasons about which we can only speculate. But, the Idaho State Liquor Commission has concluded, they should be offended, so it will  be offended for them.  

Idahoans' Republican government at work, taking offense when citizens don't have the time to do it themselves.  

rudizink said...


Ogden Lover said...

Polygamy Porter gets a pass because beer is regulated by a different agency than hard liquor. Heard it on Channel 2 news anyway.

Val Holley said...

We haven't had such excitement in 95 years! When Utah went dry in 1917, Weber bootleggers were already in high output mode because they had been smuggling moonshine into dry Idaho for two years. Not to mention that on July 31, 1917, the last day of legal booze in Utah, many cars on Ogden's streets had Idaho license plates. Apparently our Gem State friends wanted to pitch in and help Utah go dry as so many citizens seemed to be imbibng enough for the next several years. Our libational relationship with Idaho goes WAY back.

Bob Becker said...

We send Idaho all those thousands of dollars in lottery money every year. Seems downright churlish of them not to send just a little of it back by taking Utah hooch.

Smaatguy said...

OT:  Anyone hear anything on the Wolf Creek auction today?

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