Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paul Rolly: Wimmer Blames the Messenger for All the Confusion

"Of course, the hullabaloo was all the media’s fault"

More developments in the highly entertaining Carl Wimmer job/no job story, which has been an item of WCF merriment and mirth since early last week. Paul Rolly reports this morning that Wimmer's quit complaining about the Nevada GOP and is now laying the blame on the media:
Rolly: "Of course, the hullabaloo was all the media’s fault."


OneWhoKnows2 said...

You know the scary thing is, this clown can get elected in Utah because these are the kinds of people that run for office, rather than the intelligent ones knowing better.

Check this picture out, did he just pass a little gas and got the first whiff?  What an idiot!

Ogden Res said...

The guy in the picture has eyes that are way too close together.  Is that a picture of a real person or some kind of Cabbage Patch doll?

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