Monday, June 11, 2012

Western Governors Conference Report: A Snapshot of the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation

Nice to observe that Mayor Caldwell wasn't just goofing off this weekend and that hizzoner  was willing to travel all the way to Cle Elum, Washington, to tout Ogden City's notable outdoor recreational marketing virtues, don'tcha think?

Interesting news from the Western Governors Conference, which is just now a little more than midway through its June 9-12 2012 annual meeting agenda. The highlight of this meeting is a recently released study, prepared by a Florida outfit called Southwick & Associates, finding that "outdoor recreation in America is more than half a trillion dollar industry," outperformed only by the Financial/Insurance and Outpatient Healthcare industries. Get a load of this interesting report, folks. It's a real eye-opener:
Just what the doctor ordered, wethink, to spur western state governors to take a second look at their own states' outdoor recreation industry promotional opportunities. Hopefully our own Governor Gary Herbert will take note, as his cronies in the legislature jockey for legislation which might compromise Utah's relatively pristine public recreation lands.

Among the featured speakers at this week's Governors' annual shindig, interestingly enough, was Ogden City's own Mayor Mike Caldwell, who took a little time off from his busy workout schedule, and addressed the WGA assemby yesterday, putting Ogden City in the spotlight as the poster child for successful outdoor recreation industry marketing.

While we were unable to find the full text of Mayor Caldwell's WGA address after a fair amount of morning Googling, here's an excerpt gleaned from yesterday's WGA press release which no doubt provides the gist:
Ogden’s strategic investment in recreation infrastructure and promotion of our vast natural resources through world-class events has been the catalyst to attract and recruit an outdoor recreation economic cluster. That cluster has been an integral part in the revitalization and economic growth of our community. This movement has also galvanized the community around a vibrant, healthy and active lifestyle ranking Ogden in the top 10 of America’s best cities to raise a family by Forbes Magazine.
Yesiree, the jointly issued  WGA/Southwick & Assocs. report is a real eye-opener in its own right; but it's also nice to observe that Mayor Caldwell wasn't just goofing off this weekend and that hizzoner  was willing to travel all the way to Cle Elum, Washington (of all places), to tout Ogden City's notable outdoor recreational marketing virtues, don'tcha think?


Bob Becker said...

Beats the hell out of an Ogden mayor travelling to Europe to look at gondolas or to China to woo jewelry exporters or to Mexico to woo... well I 'm not sure who on that one.

Idea: ask the Mayor's office for a transcript of his remarks and post it.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Six months in office and nobody really knows this guy!  Good or bad, too early to tell?  We do however, know where he was.

Bob Becker said...

While I confess, I find it a relief that I don't wake up anymore  to the Standard Examiner announcing that our mayor wants to build a downtown year round outdoor ice climbing tower or a downtown megalith field house/tennis court/pool/archery / and whatever else he can think of that might draw donations complex  or a flatland gondola to hook up with a private gondola to go to a mini-ski resort that doesn't exist or.... well, you get the idea.  Still, you have a point in re: the new mayor.

Six months in, maybe it's time for the Standard Examiner to assign a reporter to do a "Six Months Into The Caldwell Administration" story, bringing its Ogden readers up to date on what Mayor Caldwell has been up to, what [if anything significant] has changed in terms of public policy from the former Administration, what plans/programs/policies are under review or about to be launched, and how Mayor/Council relations have changed [if they have] since the new administration came in.  Be kind of interesting to read, dontcha think?  Or maybe a series of stories.  

Smaatguy said...

quite frankly it does not seem like he's done a whole lot....wasnt really a part of the whole water rate issue at all.....and that was a big deal imho....feels like he is just skating along like the city is on auto-pilot

Bob Becker said...

On the other hand, his CAO and relevent dept heads were active on the matter, largely supporting the consultants' recommendations regarding the new rates.  They're his people and they implement his preferences either directly or because he delegates the decision making to them, que no?
It's to ask questions like these an SE story on "Caldwell Six Months In"  would be a good idea and of interest to a lot of subscribers.

funny looking said...

from the photo he kinda looks like a fat hitler

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