Sunday, June 24, 2012

Deseret News: Sean Reyes Sues Attorney General Opponent John Swallow For Defamation

The latest development in the Utah GOP Attorney General bare-knuckle battle royal, which would turn practioners of the fine sport of American Professional Wresting green with envy

 In our relentless quest to assemble the most pertinent information concerning Tuesday's Utah Primary balloting, we'll highlight the most recent development in the GOP State Attorney General's race, where GOP AG candidates Sean Reyes and John Swallow are waging a bare-knuckle battle royal, which, with the latest campaign development,  would turn practioners of the fine sport of  American Professional Wresting green with envy. Earlier this week, candidate Reyes took candidate Swallow to task for what Reyes characterises "malicious attack ads," adding that "I was warned that if I ran against John Swallow, my family and I would be targets for brutal lies and attacks."  Here's the riveting audio clip:

Reyes is right, of course.  As those of us who've followed candidate Swallow's political career already know, hard ball politics-wise, this campaign is not Mr. Swallow's "first rodeo." 

 Now however, according to the Deseret News, Reyes is turning the tables and cranking up the heat another notch himself:
Predictably, as the D-News also reports, Swallow's lawyers, not to be outdone by Reyes's lawyers, are now working feverishly to draw up a lawsuit of their own.  Surprise of surprises.

Just about what you'd expect from a couple of Republican trial attorneys, we guess.

Take heart however, folks.  Rest assured, there actually will be a level-headed and fully grown-up Utah Attorney General candidate on the ballot in November:
In the interim between now and Tuesday however,  we suggest you all pull up your popcorn and LA-Z-Boys folks, to sit back and enjoy all the fun.  It's definitely getting interestinger and interestinger, innit?


Danny said...

A Libertarian attorney general sounds perfect to me.

Andrew McCullough sounds like a great guy.  Thanks Andrew.

Johnny Deep said...

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... What about Reagan's Eleventh Commandment?

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican!"

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