Friday, June 22, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Don Belnap Challenged for Place on Ogden School Board

Novel Concept: Howbout electing a professional educator like David Tanner to "financial planner" Don Belnap's School Board slot?
As I reviewed the past performance of the school district in Ogden, I felt a little frustration. My feeling was that maybe they were not making decisions based on educational foundations. There isn’t, in fact, an educator on the Ogden School Board at all, and there are in Davis and Weber. I’m running because it’s time for an educator to step up to the plate and take the lead.
David Tanner - Precinct 1 Ogden School Board Candidate
Don Belnap challenged for place on Ogden School Board
June 21, 2012

To our considerable delight, the Standard-Examiner provides more information on Tuesday's upcoming  Ogden School Board Primary Election races, with the below-linked story focusing on the Ogden School Board’s Precinct One seat.  Read up folks... looks like it might come down to a two-man race, inasmuch as School Board challenger Allen Smith apparently doesn't believe its important to return S-E reporter Nancy Van Valkenburg's phone calls:
Our take? Vote for anybody except board incumbent Don Belnap. This morning's S-E story informs us that, wonder of wonders, "David Tanner, 45, is a Weber School District educator, teach[es] fifth grade at North Park Elementary in Roy. "

Howbout this for a novel concept, folks? Howbout electing a professional educator like David Tanner to properly fill "financial planner" Don Belnap's School Board slot?

Just a thought.


Not Clockwork said...

If  Don Belnap is a competent financial planner, I'm a clock.

old man said...

Next you'll be advocating for prisioners to have oversight responsibilities for the county jail operations...

Ah'm Confused said...

 Strange analogy.  Makes no sense.

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