Friday, June 08, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Ogden's App Lab Plugs Into $1M in Federal Funds

Ogden’s burgeoning mobile app industry gets a $1 million federal boost

US Gimmint Uncle Sugar
The Standard-Examiner picks up where it left off on 4/27/12, with this morning's encouraging news that "Ogden’s burgeoning mobile app industry just got a [giant] financial boost from the federal government," with a brand new federal grant, ringing in to the to the tune of a cool one million bucks:
Ogden taxpayers will have some skin in the game with respect to this project too, as the Standard also reports that "the city will kick in $285,000 for the purchase and renovation of a building at 2314 Washington Blvd. Another $145,000 will go into a loan fund that will be used for business loans associated with the program."

While we continue to have our concerns about the appropriateness of involving cash-strapped Ogden taxpayers in subsidizing economic development projects like this, we'll resist the temptation to gripe about it this go-round, inasmuch as the projected Ogden City payout appears to be a drop in the bucket, especially when compared to such projects during the madcap, free-spending  Boss Godfrey years. Moreover, taking into account the projected jobs, revenue and investment which can reasonably be expected to flow from this project in the years to come, we'll chalk this up as an Ogden good news story, folks, all in all.

Of course that's just us... what about you?


pinch griper said...

Well, Rudi, if you're not gonna gripe, I'll have to pick up the slack. Perhaps you and Mr. Shaw should look up the definition of "burgeoning" in a dictionary before using such a word. As for the jobs, just how do you suppose they arrived at that number. The number of actual permanent, full-time jobs created in Ogden will be closer to 7 than 700.

rudizink said...

 Thanks for the savvy comment, PG.  One things for sure, we can always count on our gentle readers to pick up the slack, when your blogmeister's feeling a mite polyannaish. ;-)

blackrulon said...

A city and federal taxpayer project located in a building that was refurbished using federal stimulus funds and using $145,000 taxpayer oney to fund a loan program. Are any of the projected 750 jobs going to be created by non-taxpayer money? It would be informative to revisit this project perdiocally to see how many non taxpayer jobs were created using non taxpayer money.

Wizard said...

It seems there is plenty enough money flowing to smart phone tech without the US government getting involved. 

And why does the city council continue to subsidize business?  Whatever happened to the $400K plus they gave Ogden ROX?

That's the problem with government - they are not punished for their mistakes.  Of course, nowadays, big business is so subsidized they are not punished either.  When will Mel Kemp be punished for his ineptitude at the airport?  No matter how much he fails, he gets more money.

America is a crony corporate state.

Republicans, Democrats, they are all in on it.

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