Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Democrats Debate Who Will Face Bishop in November

It's refreshing to have some good candidate choices as we approach the June 26 primary, don'tcha think?

As a postlude to last night's Weber County Democrats congressional candidate debate, the Standard carries this Mike McFall story, reporting on the defining issues and positions of 1st Congressional District Democratic Primary Election candidates Ryan Combe and Donna McAleer:
The Standard received considerable criticism of its lax and belated coverage of the recent Democratic State Nominating convention; and the publication of this morning's quite robust story makes it clear, we believe, that the Standard will not in the convention aftermath repeat that same unfortunate mistake.

Check out Mr. McFall's story, WCF readers.

It's refreshing to have some good Democratic Party candidate choices as we approach the June 26 primary, don'tcha think?

Update 6/6/12 7:30 a.m.:  The Salt Lake Tribune is all over the story too:


Bob Becker said...

Interesting evening. I'd not seen either candidate before. They didn't differ on policy matters, much. Still, by evening's end, I asked for a McAleer yard sign.   
Having a decided and declared non-Democrat conservative moderator  was an interesting idea, and on the whole, it worked well. [Though the moderator did get one thing wrong: he said in the lead up to a question he was putting to both candidates, that the Tea Party had become an appendage of the Republicans.  In fact, it's just the reverse: the Republicans have become an appendage of the Tea Party.]  The moderor was scrupulously even handed, and he  gently kept Mr. Combe from trying to take  extra turns during  some of the exchanges.   I think it worked.
Nice crowd. I'd estimate 150-ish.   There were more questions from the audience regarding education than on any other topic.  And Mr. Combe scored nicely when asked about Planned Parenthood:  "Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than any other single organization.  Who would oppose that?"  Well played, Mr. Combe. 

Ogden Lover said...

McAleer struck me as a competent, highly accomplished, articulate adult. By comparison, Combe appeared too young, naive, and inexperienced to beat Bishop. Name recogntion might matter in Weber County, but it wouldn't help him one bit in DC.

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