Saturday, June 02, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Idaho Liquor Division Willing to Work with Five Wives Vodka Producers

Whaddaya know?  A near complete 180 degree turnabout within the span of one single day

More breaking news in the "Five Wives Vodka" guerrilla marketing story.  The Standard Examiner reports this morning that the Idaho Liquor Division, duly embarrassed by the tidal wave of bad publicity, and under threat of percipient legal action, is now suddenly "willing to work with a broker to explore solutions that enable Five Wives Vodka, produced by Ogden's Own Distillery, to be sold in that state"  "The use of viral marketing to get publicity has been brilliant," the the formerly intransigent director of the Idaho State Liquor Division,  Jeff Anderson, admits:
 Whaddaya know?  A near complete 180 degree turnabout within the span of one single day.

As an added bonus, here's an interesting background story from the Idaho Statesman:
Be sure to check out the savvy reader comments beneath this latter story, which reveal that Idaho residents seem to have no higher regard for their own bumbling home state liquor regulation agency than do the thirsty lumpenciticens of our Beehive State for our correspondingly inept Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Seems like every time Big Gummint meddles in what should be the free private market, we always see the same ham-handed results, dunnit?


Ray said...

Kevin Richert: When Five Wives meet the Nanny State- Check
the link below to opinion piece in Idaho Statesman
Much to compare to Utah's liquor cartel...

rudizink said...

 Fantastic article, Ray, thanks! The philosophy is certain right up MY alley.

(I modified your comment to repair the link, btw :-)

Bob Becker said...

Beginning to wonder if Mr. Anderson is capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, since he's sticking to his claim that his commission didn't ban 5 Wives.... it just said it can't be sold or bought in Idaho.  Uh huh.  

Danny said...

And yet, in Ogden bureaucrats spend $300,000 on a piece of art

and another $400,000 to build another terminal at the airport to go with the other empty, useless one there.

So bureaucrats are stupid.  What else is new?  Why is the public so stupid to trust them with so much money and power?

Bob Becker said...

Agree with you about the terminal, if its point is to somehow draw scheduled commercial air to Ogden.  We're 38 miles from SL International.  Ain't gonna happen anytime in the foreseeable future, especially since the Feds are cutting back on subsidizing air service to smaller markets, and are expected to cut back even more next budget cycle. Unless of course the RobBishop Syndrome kicks in, and all those alleged Fiscal Conservatives currently braying about the deficit succeed in protecting subsidized air service to smaller cities in their districts, just as they did when the Post Office wanted to close money losing rural POs, though they continued to scream that the PO must "operate like a business" and stop losing money.  Just so long as none of their constituents were inconvenienced by that happening.   The Rob Bishop Syndrome in action. ["Federal spending doesn't create jobs, except for federal spending in my district."]
Disagree about the art addition to the Riverside project.  Public art does improve community spaces [with due allowance for the occasionally poorly chosen piece], and as Mayor Caldwell noted, the money for the project came from a fund dedicated to community art projects, the money from which cannot be used for other purposes. So, you're batting 500 for your latest post, Danny.  One for two.   Not too bad. 

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