Saturday, June 16, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Primary Competition Should Raise Interest in 2012 Elections

Special invitation to those readers among us who are fully up to speed on Ogden School Board politics to chime in with your comments, informing us who are your School Board candidate favorites and which candidates don't cut the mustard, in your own ever-savvy opinions

As we advance to within ten days of the 2012 Utah Primary Election, the Standard-Examiner carries a timely Dave Greiling column this morning, highlighting a few of the contested races which will appear on Top of Utah primary ballots, published with the obvious journalistic intention of heightening reader interest in the upcoming June 26 Primary Election balloting:
For the sake of clarity, we'll pick up where Dave left off, and summarize those contested races coming up on June 26, including both the races which Mr. Greiling highlighted, and also the ones he missed.  For the sake of simplicity, we've limited our summary to those races which will appear on Weber County Primary Election ballots only. In those instances where candidates have taken the trouble to publish campaign websites, we've also provided those live links:

US Senate (GOP): Orrin Hatch and Dan Liljenquist

US House of Reprentatives (Democrats) District 1: Ryan Combe and Donna McAleer

State Auditor (GOP): John Dougall and Auston Johnson

Governor (Constitution): Kirk D Pearson and Brandon W. Nay

State Attorney general (GOP): Sean Reyes and John Swallow

Utah House District 29 (GOP): Brad Galvez and Lee Perry

Ogden School Board District 1: Don Belnap, David Tanner and Allen Smith

Ogden School Board District 5: Shane Story, J. Scott HandyClark Hogan and Jim Hutchins

We hope all Weber County Forum political wonks took action to make sure you were registered to vote on June 26, by beating last Monday's Primary Election voter registration deadline. Mr. Greiling also hits the nail on the head, wethinks, when he says, "[i]t will be interesting to see if the number of contested races this time around spurs more voters to go to the polls."

And what about these Ogden School Board races?  Except for Board incumbents Don Belnap and Shane Story, and one of your blogmeister's favorites, District 5 candidate and frequent WCF contributor Jim Hutchins, most of these School Board hopefuls are generally unknown around these parts.

In that connection, we'll issue our special invitation to those readers among us who are fully up to speed on Ogden School Board politics to chime in with your comments, informing us who are your School Board candidate favorites and which candidates don't cut the mustard, in your ever-savvy opinions. The same applies to any other candidates on the June 26 Primary Election ballot roster, of course.

The floor's open O Gentle Ones.

Who'll be the first to throw in your own ever-savvy observations and remarks?


rudizink said...

Interesting SLTrib story on the Utah State Auditor's race, by the way:

Utahns, this is not your typical state auditor’s race

Rev. Theresa Novak said...

On the school board races, all of the Ogden School Board members and candidates were invited to the recent public  forum on bullying and book banning.   Shane Story and J. Scott Handy attended.  Jim Hutchins sent in regrets and a supportive statement that there was unfortunately no time to read at the event.  Don Belnap sent regrets and said he would send in the district admin policy.   The invitation was issued on short notice, but candidates that at least replied to the invitation should, I think, get extra points for being responsive to community concerns.

Mike said...

Boss Godfrey has a Shane Story lawnsign planted out in front of his his house, which rules out Shane Story EVER getting my 2012 vote.

BikerBabe said...

 I Like Jim ...



Bob Becker said...

Off topic, but slightly political:

All right all you naysayers and "what's our Mayor doing" whiners: if you look at the advertising insert for the Salomon Center's 5th Anniversary Bash that came with your Ogden City utilities bill,  you'll learn that on July 13-14, Our Mayor will venture  Among His People at the celebration, meetin' and greetin' up a storm [little red box, left side of the flyer].  

P.S. Fat Cats has bumper cars?  Have to check that out with the grand kid I think. And introduce him to the inexplicably non-Olympic sport of skee-ball. Circular also offers "Whirlybird Helicopters $5 Helicopter rides."  Anyone know what that's about?   

Danny said...

Don't vote for Don Belnap or Shane Story.  They both voted in attorney Brad Smith as the district superintendent.  This fatman has no background  in teaching and was elected because he was a fellow school board member and the other board members are inept.

The fatman has wasted district money hiring cronies as assistants because he has no idea what to do.

School board elections usually get little coverage so deadwood can get elected time and again. Vote out the incumbents.  Vote out Don Belnap and Shane Story.

RebelWithACause2 said...

Scott Handy's roofing company did an excellent job at a reasonable price,  replacing my roof which was damaged in last  December's windstorm.  I thought  he was very nice and learned  he was the son of  parents who  were old friends of mine for whom I have always had the  highest regard.  He will have my vote.    

Bob Becker said...

Me too.

rudizink said...

" Don't vote for Don Belnap or Shane Story. "

I'm in full agreement, Danny.  Lets also not forget that these Board incumbents also voted to to extend the tax increment financing on Boss Godfrey's pet project, The Junction Money Pit, when they knew that this now-deferred money could be used for more Ogden City school teachers and programs:

KSL News: Ogden City School District Has the Top Three Worst Performing Schools

This is the number 1 issue in the School Board races, as far as I'm concerned.

rudizink said...

Me three...

Jim Hutchins said...

I was away running the Wasatch Back and without effective Internet, so I have just now gotten around to reading this.

Thanks, rudizink, for highlighting these races.

I also like Scott Handy very much on a personal level. However, I would argue that I'm the better qualified candidate. My campaign webpage is now up, and suggestions would be welcome:

There, you'll find my qualifications and some (brief) position papers.

The best outcome for Ogden City and its schools, I think, would be for voters to have a choice between myself and Scott Handy in the November 6 general election. The reasons for "new blood" have already been detailed here by others and require no elaboration, I think.

Jim Hutchins said...

I was away running the Ragnar Wasatch Back with limited internet access when this article got posted.

Thanks to our blogmeister for highlighting these races.

I also like Scott Handy very much on a personal level. However, I'd argue that I'm more qualified for the position. The Ogden City School Board of Education sorely needs working educators serving on its board.

The problems with the current board have already been pointed out by other commenters and need no elaboration from me. I believe it will be possible to both restore fiscal discipline and begin treating teachers as the professionals they are.

My campaign webpage is now available:

I believe the best possible outcome on Tuesday, June 26 is for Scott Handy and Jim Hutchins to be selected by the voters to compete for the Ogden City School Board precinct 5 seat in the general election November 6. 

rudizink said...

 Thanks for checking in, Jim.  I've added your campaign website link to the article above.

Bob Becker said...

Wish Mr. Handy had a link up, or his supporters could offer something substantive with respect to him and his thoughts on Ogden education matters.

Jim Hutchins said...

 I just filed my campaign financial report. It totaled $155.07. I spent no money on lawn signs, and I didn't blast people on my email list taking credit for every little accomplishment made by Ogden City Schools.

I happen to think that the way I run my campaign — fiscal discipline and thinking outside the box — will give my supporters a pretty good idea of how I plan to serve.

Dan S. said...

Wait till the bill for all those Facebook ads comes in, Jim!

rudizink said...

Your wish is our WCF command, Bob.  We've spoken with Mr. Handy about this gap in public information; and here's his online latest, in PDF format:

Get to Know Scott Handy

Jim Hutchins said...

Oh, it's under control, Dan. They let you set a daily limit, and that's what I did. They bill me once a day, so I know what I'm spending. I still think it's cheaper (and more effective) than lawn signs. We'll know in a couple of days.

Bob Becker said...

He's a good roofer, a nice guy, and the son of friends of yours. Ok, but none of these qualities are reasons to vote for him as a school board member, seems to me. What (if anything) is there about what he says about current school board policies or about what he wants to change makes him an attractive candidate?

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