Friday, June 08, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Wharton: Whatever Became of the Heidelberg Restaurant?

The most historical building in a town filled with historical buildings

Interesting story in yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune, putting the focus on a Utah historical landmark which Weber County Forum readers who are a little bit longer in the tooth will remember as having been at one time one of the most notable fine dining establishments in the whole Beehive State.  Check out the story, which is a pretty informative read:
The Rock Mill - Farmington, UT
Readers who'd like to learn a little more about this important and unique Utah landmark property owe it to themselves to visit the website:
Incidentally folks, the current owner, Tom Owens, also happens to be, or used to be, a, long-time (legacy) WCF reader.

Owens is right, wethinks: It is "pretty shameful that society doesn’t protect heritage buildings."

WCF Hat Tip to Tom Owens, by the way, who cared enough to save it from the wrecking ball with his own dough, thus far at least, despite our general society's notable cultural preservation failings.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?


Keisha said...

Pretty cool digs for a bachelor guy like Owens.

I'll bet the "hot chicks" are always impressed.

Bob Becker said...

Off topic, [or maybe tangentially on topic a little around the edges since this is something Mr. Owen commented on here with some heat during the last mayor's reign]:   We're well into Mayor Caldwell's term now, and I'm curious: have the business people who were complaining about how difficult it was to do business in Ogden city [permitting hassles, red tape, bureaucracy, etc.] under Hizzonah Mayor Godfrey noticed an improvement in things under Mayor Caldwell?   I've not seen much here or on the SE sites on that particular issue, on making Ogden easier to do business with and in.   Anyone been hearing anything on this of late?  Just curious....

Cynic said...

Tom Owens' retorts are noticeably absent here.

What's up? Is Owens living in a rest home now?

Bob Becker said...

Off topic:  Ogden Art Fest seems to have shrunk .  Many fewer artists [as opposed to crafts people] since last I was down there, or so it seemed to me.  Still, some interesting work on display.  Still not sure how mega-decibel rock works with the artfest.  Enjoyed the [sort of] acoustic music from the stage down by Union Station and it seemed more in tune [no pun intended] with the Art Fest.   Despite its diminished size [as I recall it], well worth the trip down, the pleasant stroll, lunch and a purchase or two.   Ogden does street fests pretty well when the weather cooperates. 

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