Monday, October 15, 2012

10/11/12 Utah Gubernatorial Debate

Incumbent GOP Governor Gary Herbert vs. Democratic Party challenger Peter Cooke

Thanks to a tip from one of our sharp-eyed and alert Weber County Forum readers, we bring you the recorded video of last week's Utah gubernatorial debate, featuring incumbent GOP Governor Gary Herbert and Democratic Party challenger Peter Cooke, which was originally aired on KUED TV on October 11, 2012:
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For our readers' convenient future reference, we've also placed this video footage in our right sidebar election module.

Listen up, folks... and don't let the cat get your tongues.


rudizink said...

Fascinating juxtaposition, wethinks,  BYU dropout "the Herbet "  gets his ass waxed by a U.S. Army general with two college degrees, i.e.:  Army general and former Utah Economic Department Director, Peter Cooke. 

Zach said...

I like Herbert, because he generally follows the complete  insanity of  the Tea party, and the Mormon  Church.

Deidre said...

I like Herbert too, because I always love clowns.

Jenniee said...

Sadly in Utah, the predictable LDS morons hold political control

For what it's worth said...

And having spoken to Peter Cooke several times one on one and with others, I have always found him to be a very down to earth, calm, balanced, clear, concise, not pompous in any way and seemingly very trustworthy kind of guy.  I personally really like him and his lovely, gracious, thoughtful wife.  

Blackrulon said...

Unfortunately the reelectio9n of Gary Herbert as Utah Governor will reinforce the fact that all you need to win in Utah is a R next to your name

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