Saturday, October 13, 2012

WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Sacramento State University - Updated

Wildcats still have a chance to finish the season with a winning conference record.

There's another crucial game on the Weber State Wildcats football schedule tonight, as the Wildcats go on the road tonight, to face Big Sky Conference powerhouse Sacramento State University in Sacramento.

Here's the pregame setup from the Standard-Examiner and the Salt lake Tribune:
And here's the the point of view from the Sac State Hornets' home-town newspaper, the Sacramento Bee:
Why is this game "crucial," now that  the 0-6 Wildcats are now out of Big Sky Conference playoff contention?  Because with five games remaining on their schedule, our Wildcats still have a chance to finish the season with a winning conference record.

Catch the game live on  106.9 FM.  Sorry folks;  it doesn't seem be readily available on the net.  Listen up the old fashioned way though; and don't give up on our Wildcats!

Winning or losing, ya gotta love 'em.

Why?  Because they're our Home Town Team.

Update 10/14/12 8:05 a.m.: Final score, Sac State 19, WSU 14. The Stndard Examiner provides the post-game story:


rudizink said...

The game is tied 7-7 at the end of the first half.  You can watch the Big Sky TV video link here, (like your blogmeister is doing right now), if you're willing to go through the hassles of signing up:

Sac State/WSU Big Sky TV Video Game link

rudizink said...

Lol.  WSU recovers the ball on an onside kick "trick" play.

rudizink said...

Sac State up 12-7 after three quarters.

rudizink said...

TD Sac State. 19-7 Sac State with a little over nine minutes to go.

rudizink said...

TD WSU with four minutes to go.  Getting interesting, fer shure.

rudizink said...

Dang! Final score Sac State 19; WSU 14.

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