Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Safe Trick-or-Treating, Please

Make it a safe and sane Halloween night, folks

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hopefully you won't get skeered half to death like this poor schmuck during tonight's Trick and/or Treating:

And please heed this morning's advice from the Standard-Examiner, folks:
Make it a safe and sane Halloween night, people.

(Special thanks to my FB Friend "Bill," who provided the hilarious graphic.)


Googleboy said...


Dhtiman said...

The cartoon is true since if you asked Obama anything he would tell you that he is out of the loop and it is someone else's fault.

Just Wondering said...

Hmmm!  I wonder if that is his response or if that is the response that someone else told you that he would have.  Talk to him personally lately to ask him anything first hand?

Whistler said...

I agree with dhitman, it is easy to see a failure of leadership that Obama has.  It is clear by his statements that "They" are always to blame and "I " did everything that works out well.  Can anyone imagine JFK saying how "He" saved the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A competent leader gives all the credit and takes all the blame. Obama is a loser. 

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