Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breaking News From the Standard-Examiner: Ogden River Improvements Benefit Area Anglers, Hungry Mink

What's next for Ms. Mancuso? A membership in the Ogden Sierra Club?

Breaking news from the Standard-Examiner this morning.  Here's the lede:
OGDEN — One of the byproducts of Ogden’s efforts to make the Ogden River Parkway more welcoming may be that it has made the area more welcoming for mink.
Not mink to make coats out of. These are common, American, fish-stealing mink. They are mink so aggressive, or hungry, they’re willing to play tug-of-war for a 13-inch brown trout.
Marianne Mancuso played that game with a mink and lost. It was the fish or her tackle, she said, and the mink, all 15 inches of it — not counting the tail — won.
Here's this morning's full S-E story:
Hey waitaminnit... Marianne Mancuso? Where have we denizens of Ogden City heard that name before?

O yeah... here:
Congrats to the formerly misguided Ogden political activist Ms. Mancuso, we say. Rather than continuing to burn down the downtown Ogden Riverside neighborhood (her apparent earlier modus operandi), she's now mended her ways completely, and is volunteering to feed the ravenous minks along the Ogden River, we guess.

What's next for Ms. Mancuso? A membership in the Ogden Sierra Club?

Sidebar Reader Query: By the way, can we see by a show of hands how many of our savvy WCF brainiacs, especially those who actually angle on the Ogden River, really and truly  believe that Ms. Mancuso had a 15-inch Brown Trout ("not counting the tail," LOL) swiped from her hook by a hungry mink?

Let's just say we have our doubts... and howbout vous, O My Fellow Fishermanpeople?


Reformed said...

I hooked a 15-inch Brown trout on the Southfork one day.  He broke the tip off my 150-year old bamboo flyrod, so I had to club him on the head for some kinda reason.

Me and my friends ate him that night; but I do confess now in hindsight that I was wrong to remove this gargantuan Troutfish from the Ogden River.

Smaatguy said...

I've had other fish eat other fish on my line....but no minks, cougars, coons, weasels or such.... in the 40ish years of fishin the O, I've never seen a mink....

AWM said...

Well it appears it's a slow media day around O-Town. I know this is a "local" news site but on the same day Sgt Major Basil Plumley gives up the ghost the WCF runs its lead story on a near do well like Mancuso. about a do over?  For those of you that don't know who he is Google the name and thank God he was playing for our team. More than a few mothers didn't have to attend theirs sons funerals because Basil was standing watch. Mancuso...seriously?

googlegirl said...

Sgt Major Basil Plumley

rudizink said...

 Yup.  Chalk it up to a s-l-o-o-o-w news day.

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