Monday, October 22, 2012

Third Presidential Debate - Serious Political/Sports Conflicts - Updated

Just for fun as y'all contemplate this, we invite you to cast your vote in our new online poll

Tough choices this evening for Weber County Forum political wonks who are also rabid San Francisco Giants fans (like us).  Due to the cruel serendipity of MLB playoff scheduling, tonight's one and only Major Sports playoff event which isn't inhibited by a nagging "game clock," (unlike Presidential debates) happens to run headlong into tonight's "Third (count 'em)  Presidential candidate debate."

We have two MAJOR WORLD EVENTS happening at the very same time tonight, dangit.

As soon as it's available, tonight's 2012 Presidential debate III will be coming up live on C-SPAN (Debate starts at 9 pm ET sharp): 
Sorry, folks; you'll have to watch the NLCS on your mundane, old-fashioned TeeVee.

So what about it folks?  1) Will you be watching the S.F Giants try to clinch the MLB National League 2012 title championship game tonight; or 2) will you glued into a relatively-important political debate where you'll finally be deciding which presidential candidate is the "lesser evil"?

Just for fun as y'all contemplate this, here's our new online poll:

The floor's open for whatever's on your minds, O Gentle Ones.

10/23/12 9:00 a.m.:  We've rounded up a few notable post-debate stories and other items. Not everyone believes Obama was last night's victor:
    Added Bonus: Last night's WCF polling results:

    Comments, anyone?

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