Thursday, October 11, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: McEntee: Dead Last is Not Where Utah Education Funding Should Be

Time to wake up, Utah voters, and make public education funding your top issue this election year
Students, parents, teachers and administrators know what public ed needs. Ultra-conservative lawmakers under the sway of the Utah Eagle Forum, the Sutherland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council don’t, preferring to "bleed the beast" and grab as much power over the system as they can.
It’s those legislators, and the executive branch, who ought to stop bragging about how great Utah is for transplanted companies and use their power to divert money from, say, defending doomed federal land grabs into public schools.

Fine Peg McEntee column in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, raising an issue which ought to be paramount as the 2012 Utah General Election approaches:
 "How long, every Utahn should ask, can public education continue the largely excellent work it does without the unalloyed backing of lawmakers, the governor’s office, business owners and taxpayers?" Ms. McEntee queries.

Time to wake up, Utah voters, wethinks. Time to send those wacko "ultra-conservative" Utah Eagle Forum, Sutherland Institute and ALEC-alegiant  looniebirds lawmakers back to the cheapskate private sector where they belong.

If you care about the kids in Utah, and the quality of their public education, folks, you'll make public education funding your top issue this election year, or so it seems to us.

That's our take; and we're stickin' to it.  Howbout you?

Added nitwit GOP bonus:


blackrulon said...

Do the legislators who believe that they know more about education count against the student-teacher ratio?

robin said...

thanks for sharing...

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