Sunday, October 28, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Two Contenders for Utah Attorney General Offer Varied Experience

Don't be a tool of the Democratic and Republican establishments, who've essential rigged the system... Please join your blogmeister in voting for Andrew MCullough on November 6

In the interest of kicking off a little Sunday morning discussion on an otherwise slow political news day, well highlight this morning's Standard-Examiner story, putting the focus on the differences between Democratic Party candidate Dee Smith and GOP candidate John Swallow in the 2012 General Election Utah Attorney General race:
Informative though this morning's SE story is intended to be however, it unfortunately misses the mark and doesn't cover the full field of candidates running this year for Utah's A.G slot, which in truth includes three candidates... not two:

Attorney General
State of Utah - 4 year term
Candidate Website/Contact Info Campaign Finance Disclosures Party
Dee Smith Dee Smith Campaign Website Dee Smith 2012 Democratic
Andrew McCullough Andrew McCullough Campaign Website Andrew McCullough 2012 Libertarian
John Swallow John Swallow Campaign Website John Swallow 2012 Republican

That's right, folks, there's a superbly well-qualified Libertarian candidate running for Utah Attorney General, namely Andrew McCullough, A Utah Attorney who has more trial experience than candidates Smith and Swallow rolled together.

For more info on the Utah A.G. candidate whom the Standard-Examiner mysteriously left out of the discussion, check out Mr. McCullough's campaign website:
As an added bonus, we'll also link to an October 18, 2012 post from Mr. McCullogh's blog, which frames the general problem existing in our American "two-party system" (so-called), wherein legitimate third party candidates are all but completely squeezed out of the political discussion by default:
Andrew McCullough's been capably practicing law in a variety of arenas since candidates Smith and Swallow were still in knee-pants.

And if you're seriously concerned about civil liberties, a vote for McCullough ought to be a slam dunk choice, it seems to us.

Don't be a tool of the Democratic and Republican party establishments, who've essentially rigged the system. Please join your blogmeister in voting for Andrew McCullough on November 6.


The Oldest Profession said...

Swallow is already bought and paid for by the big corporations.  Anyone surprised?

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