Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Lively Debate Between Bishop, Challenger McAleer Hits Jobs, Public Lands, Wars - Updated

Coming up: Debate video

Robust Charlie Trentleman writeup in the Standard this morning, providing a detailed account of last night's 1st Congressional District Rob Bishop/Donna McAleer debate:
Read up, folks.

We'll update this article with the upcoming video of course, as soon as it's available.

Update 10/16/12 11:31 a.m.:  Check out this debate attendee  letter, which popped up on the SE site around 11 a.m.:
And now the Trib is all over the story too:


Outdoors_girl said...

"Representative Bishop, the man who represents our voice
in Washington, has the arrogance to not only demean, but silence the
voice of one of his constituents. Representatives should not tell us
what to think.

They must listen to what we think, and then make
decisions on how to represent those thoughts. That student’s opinion,
whether Bishop agreed or not, should have been heard, and responded to
with respect.

Silencing a person’s voice is not the action of a
representative; it is the action of a dictator. I cannot vote for a
representative that silences his people’s voices."

Letter to Editor of the SE from today: 

Outdoors_girl said...

Nice to see the SL TRIB posting an article from last night's McAleer v. Bishop Debate in WT that is reasonable, considering that the SL TRIB endorsed BISHOP a few months ago:

"...McAleer attacked Bishop for supporting efforts by Republican Utah
legislators to sue the federal government for control of public lands.
"This is complete buffoonery," she said. "I believe in the value of
stewarding the sanctity of those public lands," and contended Utah gave
up the right to public lands at statehood and said federal protection
prevents exploitation...."


Outdoors__girl said...

GREAT comment on the SL TRIB  article above, from a VET:

'A_frightened_American Collapse
Bishop is one of the largest liars in Congress.

He lies about wilderness and environmental restrictions along the
Mexican border and claims they hamper border security.  In fact, the
opposite is true.  They actually HELP officers on the ground capture a
higher percentage of illegals that on private lands.

But that's okay.  Lying is acceptable is it's painted in patriotic
colors.  Maybe that's why NONE of the Repuglican candidates for Congress
replied to the questionnaire sent to them by the Utah League of Women
Voters.  Perhaps they realized that even red, white, and blue paint
wouldn't cover their fibs.

I'll be voting for Ms. McAleer.'

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