Saturday, October 27, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Donna McAleer for U.S. Congress

The Standard gets back on the right track, with this morning's Utah 1st District Congressional endorsement

After yesterday's blunder, the Standard gets back on the right track, with this morning's Utah 1st District Congressional endorsement:
It's time to oust those misguided souls (like Bishop) who mindlessly kowtow to the "batsh*t crazy" Tea Party, wethinks.

Let Northern Utahns elect a "team player" for once, and, in that process, also get our U.S. Congress back on track.

Needless to say, we at WCF join in whole-heartedly with this morning's S-E endorsement.


blackrulon said...

I find it completly baffling that some people commenting on the McAleer endorsement  call the S-E liberal.

RebelWithACause2 said...

Rebel With a Cause 2: To blackrulon 's questioning of the S-E endorsement of McAleer as liberal, what's so baffling? She's another Democrat that they are endorsing.

One Voter said...

I find it completely baffling that some people do not see Donna McAleer as a completely superior candidate.  To anyone who has seen her up against her opponents, (including the primary candidate, Ryan Combe,) or looked at her experience, she seems to me to be the obvious choice; unless of course, you vote Republican for the sake of voting Republican as opposed to voting the obviously better candidate on their merits and not party affiliation.

blackrulon said...

So ennorsing any Democrat makes you liberal. I thought people in Utah claimed to vote on who was best not party label. Are all of the reegistered voters who list unaffilated as party preference liberal? Are all Republicans better merely because of the claimed  GOP label? Perhaps, and this is erely my opinion, the S-E decided  to support the best person for the job. Some Democratic and some Republican.

One Voter said...

RebelWithACause2: What exactly constitutes the definition of Liberal in the State of  Utah?
  Endorsed by the SE1. Scott Howell, a returned missionary, devoted family man and genuinely nice guy who held a job for 34 years working for one of the country's largest middle of the road corporations, (Liberal???) running against Senator Orrin Hatch who repeatedly stated in the debate that we should elect him because, "I have worked my guts out for the state of Utah."  If he has worked his guts out perhaps we should elect someone who still has guts and will use them on behalf of the state of Utah; which, I believe was one of the SE's primary points.2.  Running against Rob Bishop,  Utah's EnergySolutions man in Washington is Donna McAleer, a graduate of West Point and holding an MBA from U of Va, Army officer, platoon leader,  Infantry Division public affairs officer for 18,000 soldiers,  leader of the Global Division for a technology firm, managing to turn a nonprofit medical care clinic for the uninsured around, etc.,etc.   She is a wife and mother while continuing to coach and mentor athletes , sit on boards and write a book.  Does high achievement make her a Liberal or merely the much better candidate?Not endorsed by the SEGovernorPeter Cooke, 2 Star Major General of the US Army Reserves, CEO and Small Business Owner, former Director of State of Utah's Dept. of Economic Development, member of the LDS church, husband and father of five running against Tea Party  Real Estate Broker Governor Herbert.  So is Gov. Herbert a liberal because the SE endorsed him or is Peter Cooke a Liberal because he is a Democrat.    So we have two military people, two LDS members, neither organization known for Left Wing extremism, one additional extremely qualified person and three business people running on the Democratic ticket.   How exactly does the liberal label apply to any of them or do you use the word Liberal, (just a word after all,) simply as a smear for my way or no way and if not my way you're wrong and deserving of being smeared and/or  for power: Who has it and how do you get more of it?My hope is that those of us who live in Utah and particularly in Northern Utah have the discernment to look at the candidates that are on the ballot and make a decision based upon who the best candidates are for the common good of our own communities and for Utah as a whole without regard to parties, labels and without resorting to smear tactics as I am sure was the thoughtful intention of the SE.          

One Voter said...

Sorry that the formatting of the above post was lost which made it such an unreadable epistle.

rudizink said...

 It was readable and fully comprehensible, in my opinion, OV.

Thanks for chiming in.

RebelWithACause2 said...

 To whom it may concern , I didn"t invent the terminology but it is
usually acknowledged that the Democratic Party is more liberal in their
politics, and would highly disdain being called a Conservative as most
Republicans enjoy being called. Of course , one prominent Democrat,
Hillary Clinton, has stated that she prefers being called Progressive
instead of Liberal. So I suppose it is more definitive to say, "Actions
speak louder then Words." So what's in a name, after all. If you don't
like the connotations , maybe you are in the wrong party. 

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