Monday, October 29, 2012

VoteVets.Com: Donna McAleer, Candidate for Congress, Utah 1

Something to think about as the draft-dodging Rob Bishop continues to supplicate to the GOP war-mongers in Congress

Whoa! For those of us who proudly wore the uniform during the last few decades, and are concerned about having the draft-dodging Rob Bishop representing us in U.S. House District 1 for another two years, check out this item, wherein this prominent US veteran's group just roundly endorsed West Point grad/Class President and overseas military-duty veteran Donna McAleer for Utah Congressional District 1:
By comparison, can you see this fat-cat Bishop guy slugging it through boot-camp, let alone sweating out an overseas military tour as did Donna McAleer? That, of course, is something Bishop never did, even though he "came of age" during the Vietnam War Era, and continues to vote for America's seemingly endless wars for "nation bulding" and "oil":

Congressman "Rob" - Ready to Go Out to Pasture

Somehow we don't think so.

Something to think about, ainnit people, as Two-Tons-of Fun Bishop continues to supplicate to the GOP war-mongers in Congress, no?

One thing's for sure, and speakin' as an America Vet... Donna McCleer's got our vote.


One Voter said...

He couldn't even stand up to her sitting down in a debate.

RebelWithACause2 said...

To whom it may concern , I didn"t invent the terminology but it is usually acknowledged that the Democratic Party is more liberal in their politics, and would highly disdain being called a Conservative as most Republicans enjoy being called. Of course , one prominent Democrat, Hillery Clinton, has stated that she prefers being called Progressive instead of Liberal. So I suppose it is more definitive to say, "Actions speak louder then Words." So what's in a name, after all. If you don't like the connotations , maybe you are in the wrong party.     

AWM said...

Stating "roundly" edorses Donna may be a bit of a stretch as all I could find on the site was pretty much a rehash of her personal bio from her internet campaign site. but..for me at least, she does offer a much more palatable option then Bishop

Ray said...

Mr Mitt used his college and mission for his draft dodge. Also when asked about his 5 boys and military service he said they were serving the country by working to get him elected. WOW talk about out of touch...

One Voter said...

And lest we forget the 2 star Major General vs. the Real Estate Broker.  Of course, if we turned Hill into a Mall with Condos we could generate a plethora of jobs.  And think of the $ that could be made were we to wrest the land from the feds and let the private enterprise system work it's magic and sell HAFB on the private market.  After all, we might be able to fund our schools up to the 49th state level.   

I wonder, just wonder, what Cooke and McAleer working on our behalf,  might be able to do to and for our very own, local Hill Air Force Base. 

rudizink said...

 "After all, we might be able to fund our schools up to the 49th state level. "

Fat chance of that, unless the Demo underdogs succeed in wresting legislative control from the anti-public-education GOP.

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