Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Weber County Forum Wednesday News Roundup

Council resolves to push for 24th Street freeway interchange improvements; and NASA gives ATK rocket scientists a giant "hug"

Here are a couple of morning news items for general reader discussion, folks, which we've rounded up after a surprising amount of intense morning Googling.  Not exactly red-meat news, but still the kinda "chirpy," "good news" stuff we like to feature on Weber County Forum:

1) Following on the heels of the Standard-Examiner's recent editorial nudge, the Standard reports this morning that the Ogden City Council passed a resolution in last night's meeting calling for the Utah Department of Transportation to get moving on a project which, for Ogdenites, has been sitting on the back burner for WAY too long:
The Standard says "[v]isitors to 25th Street and other highly popular sites in Ogden should have the convenience of easy access west in the downtown area," and they're right. We'll add that we've always thought it weird (and mildly insulting) that UDOT only provides a fast exit from central Ogden. High time for UDOT to get off their thumbs and provide a fast and convenient route into our downtown hotspots, don'tcha think?

2) Good news for the hard-working brainiacs at ATK this morning, as the Deseret News announces that "NASA is giving a big pat on the back — and a big chunk of money — to the rocket builders at ATK":
It was only about a month ago that we expressed our concern that ATK was being given the NASA "bum's rush;" so we're happy to see that ATK's still in NASA's good graces and still in the Mars Mission hunt.

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Bob Becker said...

I presume Cong. Bishop is even now preparing a thundering press release denouncing this further socialistic intrusion of federal spending into Utah's economy as a blatent attempt by the Obama administration to buy Utah voters by giving them stuff.

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