Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Third Party Presidential Debate Tonight - Updated

Game's on at 7:00 (MT) via C-SPAN and the Free and Equal Elections Foundation's online live video feeds

For those WCF political wonks who'd mistakenly thought the 2012 Presidential Debate dog and pony show was over, here's some interesting information from our old favorite, the C-SPAN website:
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Chicago - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Four Third Party Presidential candidates are participating in a debate in Chicago, organized by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

The participants will include Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson. The hour and half event is being moderated by former CNN anchor Larry King and Christina Tobin, founder and chair of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.
Game's on via C-SPAN at 7:00 (MT). Here's the link:
Alternatively, we provide the Free and Equal Elections Foundation's own live video feed:
We hope all WCF political wonks will avail themselves of the opportunity to hear the views of these non-mainstream, third party candidates.

Update 10/24/12 9:00 a.m.: For those who missed last night's third party debate, here's a taped version via C-SPAN:

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Dgibson said...

I'm just starting to watch thanks to your link, but 4-plus hours seems VERY LONG

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