Thursday, October 04, 2012

Utah Football: Utes Prepare for Historic Arrival of USC - Updated

We'll keep the lights on for anyone who'd like to post comments about tonight's big game

Big collegiate football game tonight, as your blogmeister's beloved undergraduate alma mater, the Utah Utes, come off a "bye" week, and launch into a historic gridiron battle (first time USC's played in Utah in 95 years) tonight against the number 13 BCS- rated University of Southern California Trojans right here at home in Eccles-Rice stadium this evening. Kickoff's at 7:00 p.m.  Don't get to the stadium late, lest all our crimson-clad Ute pals will already be fighting you for your seats.

Lotsa hype for this game in the football webosphere:
Watch the game tonight on ESPN (Comcast 35); or listen in on the ever-trusty  KALL-AM 700:
The pre-game show's going on right now, by the way.

We'll keep the lights on for anyone who'd like to post comments about tonight's game.

Keep your ears peeled for the totally awesome and truly extraordinary USC marching band, btw, about whom Fleetwood Mac might be considered by some, with everything taken into account, to be a mere "introductory" backup band, heheheh.

Update 10/5/12 11:45 p.m.:  Game final - Trojans over Utes 38-28.  The Trib's all over the story:
Suffice it to say that the Ute's "baptism by fire" into the PAC-12 Conference has been a harsh awakening. Putting together a football team with the talent, durability and depth necessary to compete week-to-week in the Pac-12 is a problem many die hard Utes fans probably didn't initially appreciate, wethinks.

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