Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2008 General Election Results: The Real-time Election Night Tallies

Keep on top of tonight's real-time election results here

As promised, and in conformity with our four-year Weber County Forum tradition, we bring you links to what we believe to be to the most reliable web-based election real-time vote tallies for the 2008 Utah General Election races, now that we're past the 8:00 p.m. Utah polling-place closings:

Utah General Election Preliminary Results. The data on this site comes from the Lieutenant Governor's office. This site performed admirably last year, and the format is almost identical to last year's setup, according to Mark Thomas, the Lt. Gov's webmaster. Just go to the main menu, and click categories and offices from there.

For the convenience of our gentle readers, we've also culled a couple of pages from the above site, with shortcuts to results of a couple of key races which we believe our WCF readers will be following extra closely tonight:

Utah House of Representatives, District 9
Utah House of Representatives, District 10

Don't let the cat get your tongues, gentle readers, as tonight's election results pour trickle in.

Update 11/4/08 9:06 p.m. MT: About two minutes ago, MSNBC just "called" the U.S. presidential election in favor of Barack Obama, with a projected 284 electoral votes.

Update 11/4/08 9:30 p.m. MT: Twenty minutes after the above update, GOP candidate John McCain is just now delivering his concession speech. The next President of the United States of America: Barack Obama.


drewmeister said...

My God, maybe this country actually has a little hope after all.

ET said...


Come on guys. Karl Rove called this election for Obama 2 days ago. NOW ....THAT's a guy who can count HIS CHICKENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ET said...

McCain conceeds to ...........

O-BAM-A! O-BAM-A!!!!!

What chickens? Whose Chickens????

So did you guys switch to chicken, rather than red meat!

Wade said...

Wow, I really thought that the country would fail to do the right thing.

Hell yes for America!!!

Curmudgeon said...


OK, now you can count 'em. Nevada just went to Obama. He's turning lots of red states blue. He may even take Montana.

It will be enough of a landslide that they're not going to be able to sell the "ACORN stole it!" pipe dream to anyone not wearing a propeller beanie hat.

Hat, damn, we did it!

Hatch, I see, has already come out with a graceless comment, saying a Dem House and Senate and President means "it may get ugly." What a classy guy.

danny said...

Wow. Obama. How surprising, and how interesting.

On the other hand Addled Ed Allen is currently ahead by a fraction of a percent, with half the precincts counted. Please, not another godfreyite by another tiny margin.

Husband of Concerned Mama said...

My teen kids just lowered the flag to half staff since their mother's prayers did not work.

danny said...

Well, Washington is now Democrat.

One thing about them, they tend to fulfill their campaign slogans, unlike so many Republicans who immediately turn left once elected.

Typically when Washington is all Democrat things get so screwed up so fast that some decent Republicans run and once elected actually remember what they ran on for a year or two. So we have something to look forward to for 2010-2012. But 2008-2010 may be a bear's paradise.

FernaldFL said...

The one thing that saddens me is the fact the on one poll I saw 96% of black American voters voted Obama. Yet white America was like something at a 58-42 split between the two (granted there are a lot more white voters).

This tells me that many votes went to Obama just solely on his race and not his issues.

The dream for me is the day when we can have an election without color and voters get educated on the man/woman and the issues and not just because they are the same race/sex. I hope this election will finally do that (pipe dream, but still a dream).

danny said...


Does that tell us who are the real bigots?

danny said...

Wallis beat Addled Ed Allen.

Pick up your signs and throw them away, AEA.

The Godfrey Reich loses another one.

ET said...

Yes, WE CAN!

Glad to hear from you, Curm!

YES !!!! WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, WE CAN!

Even in Ogden Utah!!!!!!!!

ET said...

For those of you counting poles and pundits, I really think it has to do with education and IQ.

Yeah, well, I hail from above the Mason/Dixon line. Just look at those RED STATES. HA!

ozboy said...

Meanwhile Davis County stays mired in the past having elected all Republicans in all offices - by big margines. Sigh

At least it appears that Curtis and Hughes, in Salt Lake house races, both arrogant Republican nazi's, appear to have been beaten.

the one and only true god said...

Husband of concerned mama

Shes praying to the wrong god. God does not belong to the one and only true republican party.

Husband of concerned mama said...

Now she is digging out her hotel stolen copy of the Teachings of Buddha.

Does anyone have an English version of the Qur'an we can borrow?

ET said...

The only thing to fear, is HOPE itself.

Studds Terkel

Curmudgeon said...


Curtis went down? Good good good. Really wanted that one.

Curmudgeon said...

I will be looking for Dodson and the rest of the wingnut sky pilots to explain to their bleating followers tomorrow that Obama's victory was God's will....

ET said...

I forgot to mention that I have been wearing my BLD/01.20.09 Black base ball cap for the last 2 weeks. Yeah, even to bed. I tied it on with my Ogden Sierra Club red hankie.

Now,.......... I bet that is what did it.

O-BAM-A! 0-BAM-A!!!!!!!!!!

As for those kids with THEIR lowered flag, make sure you send them OUT OF STATE to college and grad school. They will need it to survive.

Husband of concerned mama in zion (or Eden) said...

Harvard Law it is.

On second thought, in Utah they may be better off with Stringham Real Estate School

watching it happen said...

Well well. It looks like Greiner is gong to have to fight the great Hansen of leg 9. I hear that Hansen is now going to run against Griener for the senate. With all the money and sleaze campaign. Hansen still beat Peterson hands down. It looks like he is a man for the people.

hope said...

I hope Hansen runs against Greiner. Then we can put a stop to Godfrey's krap that he's been pushing against the people.

That philosopy of.. We the rich for the rich, by the rich, at the expense of the taxpayers, needs to stop.

ozboy said...

Hansen is way to savvy and safe in his house district to be taking on Griener in a republican gerrymandered district that includes now a large active GOP slice of one party rule Davis County. This was inacted by the arrogant republican leaders of the legislature to insure the poor, the disinfranchised and largely minority residents of inner city Ogden never have to suffer with a democrat in the state senate.

Neil is just fine where he is, the onliest democrat from the north end of the state in the whole legislature. The only better thing for Ogden would be if he were mayor.

Machster said...

On a positive note... Obama is not a "black" person, although he apparently decided to identify with "the blacks" whatever that is?

Obama's biological father was a black man. But his birth mother was a white woman. Which makes Obama a "grey person" (smiling mildly). And since we live in what some refer to as a "melting pot" society and culture, I believe we who love America and want the best for our Country, families and offspring are ALL...Americans.

And, I sincerely hope everyone can get past racial (and religious?) prejudices enough to allow our Country to prosper, guided by the Constitution and not by far left (or right) excursions from it.

Osmoid the great from the planet Kolobsky said...


Hate to nit pick with you here partner, but Obama is not in the least bit black. His Mother was Swedish and his father was Finnish. He is as white as the driven snow. This "Black" business was all a ruse to get the "darky" vote. These republicans disguising themselves as democrats are masters of deception. They know where the votes are and they will stop at nothing to get them.

Obama is really a white Mormon kid from Orem who, with the backing of the leaders of the Mormon Church at Temple Square, have pulled off one of the greatest scams in American history. Do you really think it is just a coincidence that "Obama and Orem" are so close (two letters in each) and rhyme?

"Bama" as we called him in the mission field, has been taking special skin modification tablets secretly developed in the bio chemistry lab at BYU to make himself appear ethnic. His real name is Barnard Harold O'Brien, his ancestors came over in the first hand cart company straight from Ireland and he is married to a fine white gal who's ancestors came over from England. She too is taking the "darky" pills created at BYU.

It is all a grand plan to take over the world to make it safe for true scripture and keep us from the clutches of the queers who want to marry each other and cause the end of the human race.

I for one am thankful for the sacrifices that these two whitesome and delightsome saints are making in order to make the Celestial Kingdom truly free from the evils and duskysome villians who would destroy us true believers if they could.

The two "Obama" kids are really actors sent over from central casting to complete the facade.

You may all think I am totally nuts over this, but just you wait, the truth will be known as soon as they all start giving us gospel lessons soon after the swearing in. When the felt boards come out we will know!

If you want a preview of the truthfulness of my testimony herein, just please notice the visible garment lines that every one of these so called Obama people exhibit - even Michelle under that hideous black widow spider costume she was wearing last night. The truth of this testimony come to me from the secret encoded words in Orin's latest top ten hit which was cut three from - strangely enough - his latest album "the truth as reveled to us through America's greatest coffin model"

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