Thursday, November 13, 2008

Internet Providers Cut Off major E-mail Spammer

Computer security experts estimate that McColo Co. of San Jose was responsible for 75% of the junk e-mail sent in the U.S. each day

Good news from this morning's Los Angeles Times.

Internet providers cut off host of spam e-mail:

We incorporate the lead paragraphs below:
The volume of junk e-mail sent worldwide may have dropped drastically Wednesday after a San Jose Web-hosting firm, identified by many in the computer security community as a major host of organizations engaged in spam activity, was taken offline.
McColo Co., which computer security experts say serves as a U.S. staging ground for international firms that sell items including counterfeit pharmaceuticals and child pornography, ceased operations after two Internet providers blocked Web access.
SecureWorks, an Atlanta security-services provider, estimates that McColo was responsible for 75% of all spam sent in the U.S. each day.
In a perfect world, these McColo Co. scumbags would wind up in Guantanamo.

Realistically, however, they'll no doubt be back in business with another web host within a matter of hours.

Update 11/14/08 12:18 p.m. MT: Per the LATimes... Spam traffic plunges after report blames server hosting company

So how's your email inbox looking this afternoon, WCF readers?

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Machster said...

Good news! Thanks for sharing Rudi.

Off subject admittedly, but I am still hung up of the following statement apparently by....

Whatwardruin (?): "Don't count on the SE to do any type of critical expose' of anything in Ogden. Godfrey's head cheerleader, John "the ladies man" Patterson has been running all over town bragging about how Godfrey has preview editorial privileges with the new sad. Godfrey actually gets final say on what shows up on the editorial page. He is counting on SE support when the current street car study says that a street car is too expensive and won't pass "revenue per new rider" criteria set by the feds. Enter the gondola, backed by the SE to provide that much need transit connection from Downtown to WSU (and the new godfrey-dola ride to the top of the mountain)."

Is there ANY real evidence (proof positive) that the above is true about Godfrey having editorial preview and approval privileges at the SE? If so please advise. I will cancel my subscription if true and proven as such. Having a hard time believing this...



Jason W. said...


That is patently untrue. I suspect the Gondola-Examiner's Editorial Board is on a short, short pro-Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey leash due to the onion-reeking pressure exerted by Publisher Lee Carter, member of Wayne Peterson's famed Squirrel Patrol, as well as various Davis County residents and shameful Geiger tools also sitting on that body.

Also absurd and ridiculous are notions that Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey is "working with" noted space alien Senator Orrin Hatch, silverspoon Guv Huntsman and the billionaire who must be removed from his cryogenic chamber to erect proposed THE GONDOLA anywhere in Ogden; why would someone spend $50 million on a proposed THE GONDOLA when he does not profit from accompanying lodging, rentals, food service, real estate property sales, conventions, etc.?

It's like asking THE SKI IS BEAUTIFUL BLUE to eat a cup of French onion soup without the onions.


Machster said...

Any one? Any proof? Please present factual information in straight prose so a simpleton like me can understand it.

Is there any objective and positive proof to the above claim about the Mayor having editorial approval in any way over what is printed in the SE editorial pages?

My sources, including a friend of an editor at the SE says the "whatwardruin"
claim is preposterous. Unless I get some proof, I must assume none exists and mark the whatwardruin comment as BS.



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