Friday, November 28, 2008

News Flash! Attorney Files Motions!

Surely this must presage the end of Western Civilization and our system of jurisprudence

By Monotreme

Yes, thanks to the intrepid reporting of the Standard-Examiner, we now know that local attorney Michael Studebaker is at it again -- filing motions. And they're actually motions on behalf of his client!

"It's Ogden attorney Michael Studebaker's sixth federal lawsuit filed against the local criminal justice establishment in a little over a year," Tim Gurrister tells us, in the second graf. Yes, it's that important.

An attorney is vigorously defending his client using right and proper legal tools available to him. Surely this presages the end of Western Civilization and our system of jurisprudence.

This is clearly the most important thing going on in Ogden right now, unless you count a three-day-old report on a City Council work session with the Landmarks Commission, buried below the fold on the same inside page


nice said...

More top notch reporting from the Standard Examiner AKA Godfrey blow horn rag.

Jason W. said...

Well, perhaps you'd better understand the relevance of lawyers acting like lawyers if you had attended one single crime conference in 35 years, you doltish neuroscientist. The Gondola-Examiner does it again!


monotreme said...


I was busy honing my nutcase conspiracy theories. I hardly had time to attend those crime conferences when I was tracking down the real cause of the 9/11 attacks.

Or so Senator/Chief Greiner would have us believe.

Curmudgeon said...

The problem with the lawyer story is not the reporting. It's the news judgment of the editors who thought this should be the lead story, top of the front page. It would have been worth reporting as part of a larger story headlined, maybe, "Careless Paperwork Cripples Prosecutions In Ogden." But as a one-off? An alleged paperwork glitch in an ear-biting case, ending up as the lead story, front page? I thought summer was supposed to be the silly season for newspapers.

On the Council/Landmarks Commission kiss-and-make-up story, however, it was the reporting that was weak, I thought, not the editors' news judgment. [Three days after the fact, true, but that doesn't matter much. It wasn't the kind of story that loses news value by appearing days after the event rather than the morning after.]

Curmudgeon said...


Top of front page of Top of Utah section. I left out "Top of Utah" section above and shouldn't have. Mea culpa.

Tec Jonson said...

I like this guy, Studebaker..

Due process is just as it says, a process that is due to everyone regardless of guilt or suspicions. That includes terrorist suspects held in foreign countries under rendition. Hopefully our new administration can restore this destruction of the civil liberties that protect all of us from tyranny.

Many people yawn and shrug at these kind of cases as well as Miranda issues. I'm sure they are happier in a justice system that operates with the expediency of the third reich.

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