Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take It For What It's Worth

We posted an article earlier today, incorporating this video... Google deleted it

This talking head/financial analyst, Max Keiser, gets it completely right, we think. It's the truth. The source (Al Jazeera) really doesn't matter. This is the kind of information you won't get from American government contolled patsy news sources.

Lets see whether Google will let this post stand.

Do we really have free speech in America?

We'll see.


Curmudgeon said...

Two points about the clip [for which thanks, Rudi]:

1. The Al J. report devoted four minutes and twenty one seconds to an economics story. When's the last time you saw an American evening news broadcast devote four minutes and twenty one seconds to any story, much less an economics story [with no thrilling images to embed.] I doubt the network evening news shows would devote that much time to stories headlined "World To End Tomorrow!" or "Jesus Returning At Midnight!"

2. As to the US selling "fraudulent" securities out of greed, that may be... but I notice the gold-but French commenter who claimed that managed not to so much as mention that European banks and sovereign nations elsewhere also were, for years, out of greed, eager to buy those securities without so much as a lick and a promise by way of investigating their actual underlying worth. If there was greed-driven fraud on one end, there was greed-driven incompetence on the other.

Curmudgeon said...

[Off Topic]

Mrs. Curmudgeon and I were rewarding ourselves for an afternoon spent raking and bagging leaves with a brew or two & some guacamole in the Sonora Grill bar when I noticed a banner hanging on the front of the condo building just north of the Salomon Center [the Ernshaw Building?]. Walked over after to look at it. The building is still unfinished: only insulation board up on the back apartment fronts, no balconies have railings yet on the front, paper covering insulation board stripping away on the top of the side crown, etc. The banner said "Available!" and listed a realtor's number. It didn't say "Condos Available" or "Apartments Available" just "Available." Seemed to me that what was on offer was the building itself.

Anyone know for sure?

told ya said...

World oil producers begin fleeing the dollar:

Iran switches reserves to gold - report

The dollar is in deep shit.

danny said...

Speaking of Gold, here's the same guy as in Rudi's video.

Great Stuff!

I don't know if it's true, but it's fun.

Rudi says they took his video down today. Here's something else that's gone down. (Cut and paste).

This site was DOCUMENTING the difference between the spot price of gold and silver and the COMEX prices (something I talked about before.) And now it has disappeared! It's actually quite scary.

danny said...

Look what's happened to copper prices. (Make sure you follow the price chart ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT.)

It looks like a recession to me.

Ouch. That's going to leave a mark.

Curmudgeon said...

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