Friday, November 21, 2008

The Crowning Glory to Eight Years of Hard Work

The Ogden Canyon Lime Kiln - another piece of Ogden history lovingly restored
This is how Ogden really started. In order to build these wonderful communities, you need brick and mortar, and that's what this provided through this lime kiln.

Susan Van Hooser
Weber County Heritage Foundation
Piece of History Rededicated
November 20, 2008

Sometimes you do something just because you can.

Nick Breeze
Ogden Canyon Club
Fire Down Below
November 20, 2008

On the heels of his Standard-Examiner story on Monday, Charlie Trentelman reports this morning that the restoration of the 1860's era Ogden Canyon Lime Kiln is now complete, even unto the lighting of a fire in the giant stone beast's belly.

The KSL News online site has some good video footage of yesterday's ceremonial rededication event. Emerald City historic preservation buffs should definitely check it out.

A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to all entities and individuals who contributed to the eight year effort to put yet another piece of Ogden City history back in the limelight.


Curmudgeon said...

OK, I'm hooked. Now they need to make some lime. Pack the kiln with layers of limestone and wood and fire it up. Just once. Film it, maybe to record how lime was made. Promote the packing, lighting and a week later, raking out the lime as a historic event. And it would be. Sell the lime made in the kiln in little packets as souvenirs maybe to cover some costs. I'd buy one.

Rafiki said...

I like the idea stated above. I wish I would have known that the ceremony was last night. I would have liked to attend. I need to spend more time researching and less blogging.

It would be great if Ogden could utilize this kiln as a historical deal. First something needs to be done about the traffic through Ogden Canyon. What a beautiful place if only a person could enjoy it with out all the noise and exhaust that comes with it.

I wonder if turning this into a toll road would help limit the traffic as well as development up in the valley. Turn this into a parkway with hiking biking trails. I might travel to my home town (a staycation) just to ride up Ogden canyon.

On a great note - that wind yesterday helped blow out some of the exhaust from the Valley. Hurray our kids can play outside again for a day or two.

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