Saturday, November 29, 2008

Helicopters Flying in Malan's Basin

Is the missing-in-action Chris Peterson climbing back into the public spotlight?

Our gentle readers are subtly telling us there's something really odd going on in Malan's Basin.

Gentle reader"'Disgusted" provides this:
To Dan S:
Off topic for a second.
A lot of helicopter activity up on the mountain this last week. Maybe its work being done on the communication towers at Mt.Ogden or maybe there are more tree clearings going on in Malan Basin. Dont know.
Have you been up to Malans in a while?
Then we get this reply from Dan S.:
I just heard a report from an independent and very reliable source. Yes, there's been a crew clearing trees on the Malan's Basin property. From what I heard, they've cut a 30-foot-wide path that traverses from Malan's Basin into upper Strong's Canyon. I hope to learn more soon.
Okay people. Can someone tell us exactly what's up with all this?


sterica said... guess is it's a property owner doing what the heel he wants to do on his property!

daps said... day someone will do what they want with their land and someone will tear down the Windsor.

Monotreme said...

So, if I want to grow 3 foot tall weeds on my property, that's okay too?

Or does that concept only apply to Friends of Matt?

Lionel said...

Peterson is only clearing those damn pesky pines off his property so he can grow three foot tall weeds because he can because he is a friend of Matt.

Plants said...

Maybe he's growing "special" plants he can sell to make a profit.

WhatWardRUin said...

Seems more than coincidental that helicopters are flying around Malans Basin and trees are being cleared just week before Godfrey is heading to Europe to look at street cars. There are plenty of examples of good street car applications in the USA. Nothing he will be looking at across the pond is made in America; a pre-requisite for FTA funding. This trip is all about Godfrey and gondolas under the cover of a street car junket. Pretty cleaver to get a free ride courtesy of the tax payers.

Curmudgeon said...


Malan's Basin is not in Ogden. City codes don't apply there. Sorry.

Anonymous employee said...

Off topic, but any guess where the money they are paying the city shops OT for working on the railroad car is coming from? That $35,000 won't last long.

Frank said...

Malan's basin is not in Ogden - yet. By the time those "weeds" get three feet tall it will be.

dan s. said...

Based on my understanding from the report I heard today, I doubt that the current activity on Peterson's property violates any laws.

However, let's remember that two years ago we were repeatedly promised that the Malan's Basin development would incorporate the "best green resort design practices", and that Mayor Godfrey has referred to Peterson as a "great steward" of his land.

This and similar past activity certainly raise questions about Peterson's commitment to environmental stewardship.

disgusted said...

i think that WhatWardRUin has a possible explanation of the trip. i wonder if chris peterson is going on the trip or meeting up with every one over there or if he is possbly one of the sponsors.

city council should ask what specific manufacturers the mayor plans to visit and what product lines do they manufacture. what meeting has the group set up and should ask for a list of all going on the trip or meeting up with them once they cross the pond and a list of all of the sponsors of the trip. also city council should find out if any of the money set aside for the transit study are being used to fund this trip by either the city or the uta.

not that council can do anything about it but just for transparency and open government.

seems to me that the whole gondola idea is far from dead. i.e. the sale/lease of the golf course and open space and park are still in play.

disgusted said...

if WhatWardRUinNothing is correct about his/her comment about godfreys trip in that "Nothing he will be looking at across the pond is made in America; a pre-requisite for FTA funding." then why is he even looking at transit optons over there. fta funding is vital to any project the city will consider.
going on a boondoggle during these tough financial times surely sends the wrong message to employees that have had their budgets cut and/or pay increases eliminated. this will cost the city something one way or another.

monotreme said...


I understand that, but what I was pointing out was the "personal property rights trump all" argument implicit in the statements above mine.

Monotreme said...

Maybe he's building a gigantic replica of the Starship Enterprise.

We already have something like "The Vulcan Space Adventure" (at 1:38 in this film clip) at the Junction.

Maybe what we need is are transporter pods (formerly known as gondola cars) connecting the Vulcan Space Adventure to Deep Space Nine (formerly known as Malan's Basin).

disgusted said...

dan s

i wonder if peterson owns the land in strongs canyon or is he trespassing onto forest service land with his destruction.

dan s. said...


Peterson owns most of Strong's Canyon, but not all. I hope to learn more soon about exactly where he's been cutting trees.

Ogden Resident said...

Only one reason Peterson would still be cutting things down in Malan basin. That being that he still thinks something is going to happen up there and we all know he can’t do anything without the city’s involvement.

He needs access to Malan Basin, i.e. a gondola and land for a gondola base station. He needs something to pay for all of this as well, so he needs developable land below to profit from the costs that he has spent above.

Stay tune city council as Godfrey goes back on his words to the voters during the election campaign not to sell our public golf course. Another golf course sale or lease with an option to buy plan is coming at you from the administration. Council needs to hold firm on the larger philosophical arguments relative to any proposed sale that Godfrey will present.

Arguments that address the long term benefits to the quality of life and appeal of Ogden that the existing public golf course and open space provide to the city and its residents irrespective of their cost to the budget. Arguments that address the very nature of what defines Ogden.

If Godfrey wants to talk financials and details surrounding the operations of the golf course then just counter his discussions with the financial performance of his other projects in our city and what those have and are continuing to cost the residents. The annual operating costs the golf course is insignificant to his other project deficits. Talk of the bigger picture; don’t let the administration drag you down into the details of the financials where he has been cooking the books for the last several years. The golf course and the open space should be saved for the residents. Let the residents keep at least one asset that they cherish, an asset that defines the city and that is appreciated by the whole community.

Council should also admonish Godfrey for not keeping his word to the voters. Godfrey has played with words. A lease with an option to purchase is the same thing as a sale. A redesign of the golf course under the pretense that it is to improve the play of the course when actually it is to free up surrounding land around to course for Peterson to develop and/or to create a reason to ultimate sell the golf course is unethical, immoral and unacceptable.

Southsider said...

Could this activity tie in with the Nov. 11th post:

"Chris Peterson and Godfrey have had a falling out; in fact they have become bitter adversaries.

Godfrey is now working with Sen. Hatch, Gov. Huntsman, the Board of Regents and Earl Holding to develop Weber State University land and run a gondola to the top of the mountain to link directly to Snowbasin. The latest Nicklaus golf plan shows a new driving range and golf holes surrounded by condos on WSU property.

Godfrey has "foreign" investors lined up to finance the whole thing, including relocating WSU maintenance buildings."

dan s. said...

Update: My source informs me that the tree cutting appears to be entirely on Peterson's property. The purpose, however, is a mystery.

danny said...

Godfrey the Plunderer is a big concern, but there are much larger ones.

There is no such thing as renewable agriculture. We simply convert mined phosphorous, mined potassium and mined (deep well) water together with topsoil into food. These minerals cannot be created, and the mines are running out.

As far as turning to the sea, it too is far further along the path of depletion than we realize.

The media focuses on trivialities, while the dawning of the end of the human era is upon us.

Plankton is the top of the food chain upon which much sea life depends

Global financial collapse awaits, but also mass starvation and disease. This is only the beginning. Sad but true.

ozboy said...


Cheer up pal, it ain't as bad as you think. Just when it all is hanging by one last thread a MoHero will appear and save not only the constitution but all of civilization, or at least the righteous ones who are worth saving.
As far as we know that MoHero could very well be Lord Godfrey. Perhaps the tree cutting in Malan's is in preparation for those dark days. They could be building the last safe refuge up there were we all can go to be safe while the rest of the world goes to hell and runs out of minerals. In the end we chosen mountain people will emerge, ride down the mountain in our gondola cars and inherit the earth. We just have to have faith and trust in our dear leader.

Meanwhile I hear Optimists International are recruiting.

disgusted said...


i cant speak for hatch or huntsman other than to say that i dont think godfreys got those kind of connections and my experience with hatch is that he is more interested in receiving than in giving.
as for holding he has not been very active in the company since his stroke and is not about to take on a new project like a connection to snowbasin besides peterson is persona non grata around the holdings these days.
as for the board of regents the majority of members in the past were not in favor of the land sale and there has not been a significant change within the board membership.
as far as foreign investors go europe is in worse shape than the us when it comes to the financial world besides who would invest in malan basin a location that has very limited potential. without a gondola the whole deal is impossible anyway and the only way to get a gondola is to have ogden city participate. the only man on board with peterson is godfrey. the rest is like the rest. smoke and mirrors.

retardard republicans said...

Its another retarded Republican decision. Their putting up AM radio towers for Homeland Security.

Yes AM radio. I hope they have 8 track tapes to play them on.

Its no joke!!!!

howell and schwebke are not gay said...

He and she said that their not gay? Who is the man in that relationship?

OH that feels good said...

I heard that this morning there is a sale on vasoline at smiths, you have to buy it by the barrel though. I hope it will last long enough till we get Godfry out of office. I don't think the price will stay down to long.

disgusted said...

helicopters are back at it this morning.

Oh Oh said...

I hear that Smiths will throw in a corn cob if buy buy the Vaseline.

blcc said said...

I am thinking that Peterson is cutting a swath through the trees to actually see if Malan's Basin is ski-able in the winter. Perhaps a bit of business plan development. We'll see.

Bill C. said...

You may recall that that the last time the thorazine addled vested one assaulted the trees, as Dan documented so well, that he broke the law by using ATV's, cruising up Taylors Canyon. This time it's helecopters, far more expensive. I think he's cutting a new primative road accross his own land for future ATV access. The question now is how he'll access it from below.

disgusted said...

helicopters are not cheap. peterson has to have received some reassurances from godfrey that the gondola project-golf course sale will still go through otherwise he wouldnt be spending a dime up there.

Curmudgeon said...


We don't know, at this point, what Mr. Peterson has under way. It's his land, and provided he complies with county ordinances and Fed watershed protection rules, he can do up there pretty much what he pleases.

As for this: peterson has to have received some reassurances from godfrey that the gondola project-golf course sale will still go through otherwise he wouldnt be spending a dime up there. Seems unlikely to me. All Mr. Peterson has to do is call up the owners of the Windsor to see how reliable Hizzonah's assurances on such matters are.

disgusted said...


call ogden airport and ask what it costs to hire a helicopter for a couple of hours a day or in petersons case a couple of hours a day for a couple of weeks.

lots of things seem unlikely to you and thats ok. just be happy there are other people out there that are covering your back.

disgusted said...

helicopters still at it today

Curmudgeon said...


The point, D, was that Mr. Peterson would have to be a fool [after the Windsor matter] to take Mayor Godfrey's assurances that he could guarantee any particular outcome from the Council seriously. I don't know what's going on up in the basin. Neither do you, I suspect. But whatever it is, I doubt it's happening because the Mayor guaranteed to Peterson that a gondola -- or two of them -- from downtown to the Basin was a lead pipe no-worries cinch. Again, Mr. Peterson would have to be a damn fool at this point to take any such "guarantee" from Hizzonah seriously.

disgusted said...

like i said before - lots of things seem unlikely to you and thats ok. just be happy there are other people out there that are covering your back.

David said...

Doormat Godless

Hidden Identity the Mayo”ray”tor

Pay to Play: a month supply of hair growth tonic will get you a permit for a taco-stand

Piss Creation

Hidden Identity the Hegemonic ruler of the RDA aka the Rich Developers and Assholes

Pay to Play: three-hundred acres of mountain property will get you a futuristic sky-pod human transport devices

A few years ago the sleepy Town of Ogden was enjoying a nice summer day unaware what was going to happen. Back in Doormat Godless’s cavern he received a call from Piss Creation “Yes?” said Doormat. Piss then told the Mayo”ray”tor “I need you to use your super powers to clear out downtown”. “Yes!” stated the Mayo”ray”tor. “My group the Rich Developers and Assholes needs the land to be dirt cheap for our future plans”.
In Downtown the crowd saw what looked like a shinning star falling out of the Sun. To their horror it was the elected Mayo”ray”tor tilting back his head so as to concentrate the Sun’s energy on his enormous bald spot. The time was up for Downtown as the beam of destruction leveled everything including the Mall.

Next Time to the current day…

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