Monday, November 10, 2008

WSU's Coach Mac Gets a "Clean Bill of Health"

Despite Saturday's illness, Coach McBride's health is reportedly tip-top

We learn from the Standard-Examiner today that WSU football Coach Ron McBride, who's finally seeing his recruiting/coaching efforts come to fruition with his 2008 WSU Big Sky Conference Champion Football squad, spent the night in a Pocatello, Idaho hospital Friday night, but was released the next morning with a clean bill of health:

WSU coach says he is ‘OK’ after hospital stay

Today's Jason Asay story reports that coach McBride planned to attend the Wildcat Club Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. today, at Ligori’s Pizza & Pasta.

We're hoping he skipped the pizza and pasta, and ordered the salad... without the blue cheese dressing... just to play it safe.

Special thanks to gentle reader Kevin, who dutifully allayed our fears and delivered the good news to WCF readers on Coach Mac's health yesterday afternoon.

Gotta confess we were a mite worried -- before Kevin finally chimed in.


WSU Fan said...

Hard to imagine all this good news is happening without a gondola. And where the hell is that loser Chris Peterson anyways?

Oh that's right, he's coaching Boise State.

ozboy said...


(a true story)

Back about ten or fifteen years ago I was invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the Utah State Prison. There were about 20 inmates getting their High School diplomas, half a dozen or so getting Associates Degrees and several receiving Bachelors. Coach MacBride was the main speaker at the event.

After every one was passed through the outer security walls we all convened in the exercise yard in an area fenced off from the rest of the prison with chain link and barbed wire. Kind of a secured area withing the prison walls itself. There was about 200 people in attendance besides the cons who were being awarded diplomas and another 30 or so that were allowed at the ceremony for other reasons. Outside the chain link fence, but still within the prison, there was about another 300 inmates gathered up close to watch the event through the wire.

At the beginning, Coach Mac gathered the graduates around him on the make shift stage and gave them the old half time pep talk. He spared no words, including dropping the "F" bomb a number of times, sorta of bonding with the cons. The cons of course loved it, including the boisterous gang outside the chain link fence. Every time the coach made a strong point, again using "street" language, the cons would all give him a cheer. This made the guards a little nervous, but they didn't do anything to stop it.

As the coach was finishing, a man and a woman in the audience got up and started yelling at him. They were obviously serious Bible Thumpers who were outraged at the coach, his methods of communicating and especially his liberal blue language. They were screaming at him about how he was corrupting these young men and how they all were going to go to hell - waving their Bibles wildly all the time.

Wellllll, this got the 300 cons around the perimeter fence all riled up and they all started yelling back at them using even more blue language in the process. The whole situation got very noisy and rambunctious very quickly, cons were throwing things, the Bible Thumpers were screaming back at them and the guards all of sudden realized that things were getting seriously out of hand. All of the people in the audience, along with the coach, were just standing there in complete surprise as we all realized a full on prison riot could be in the making!

The guards leveled their guns, the prison swat team was immediately on the spot and the highly excited cons around the fence were herded off and out of the yard. Order was quickly restored the granting of diplomas was rapidly completed and all of the audience was rushed out of the yard.

A grand and exciting time for all thanks to the University of Utah football coach!

Ya just gotta love the guy. I sure hope he is OK and keeps on stirring up stuff.

O-Town Sports Fan said...

Nice to hear Coach Mac's out of the hospital. The Wildcats are #10 in the nation in the FCS poll out today. Not a bad year for football in Utah, with three nationally ranked teams.

monotreme said...


Actually, #10 last week, #8 this week.

FCS poll

Thanks for the story, Oz.

WhatWardRUin said...

Anybody else notice that the new chair of Ogden Trails Committee is a Lift Ogden croney and best buddy of Chris Peterson. In fact, he is the one that suggested to Chris that he close off access to and accross his property as a bargaining chip for WSU property. Smooth move Godfrey.

WhatWardRUin said...

I apologize if my previous posts were not respectful of the thread. I really do hope Coach Mac is doing well. He has brought back a thrill that hasn't been felt at WSU sinch the 80's basketball program under Coach Neil "Mac".

WhatWardRUin said...

Comment bumped to front page

O-Town Sports Fan said...


Thanks for the correction. Must've looked at the poll website before they updated it!

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