Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weber State University Game Day Thread

Two Std-Ex stories and the live game podcast
Update: Final score... Wildcats 49; Mustangs 35

Our glorious WSU football squad travels west to San Luis Obispo, California this evening, for its opening round FCS playoff faceoff with Cal Poly. We'll rely upon the Standard-Examiner's two morning edition sports page stories provide the set-up:
No 12 'Cats familiar with today's foe
Weber State finds itself in marquee first-round game
As we've done the previous three weeks, we'll provide a link to a live video podcast of the game in the space below, for the benefit of those fans who'd like to view it at home. Unlike the last three weeks, BigSkyTV won't be podcasting this event however, so we're alternately turning the the NCAA website, which will will feature playoff webcasts during the FCS series. The game begins at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time. To view the live video podcast, click the link below, scroll down the "Live Events" menu on the left, and select Cal Poly v. Weber State:
Weber State at Cal Poly SLO - Live podcast
(This podcast requires the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. If you don't already have it on your hard drive, click the blue banner popup which will automatically appear if you don't already have Silverlight onboard. It's a small file, which installs in just a few seconds.)

Enjoy the game, WSU fans. Get your juices flowing, WSU Fans; this game is bound to be very danged good, regardless of who wins.

As per usual, we'll come back later with the final score, and any post-game tidbits which might be available. We'd also be happy to entertain your comments during the game, of course.

Update 12/29/09 10:12 p.m. MT: Wildcats 49; Mustangs 35.

Update 12/30/08 11:00 a.m. MT: We'll wrap up this discussion by linking two post game stories from this morning's Std-Ex:
Moving on
Toone a hit in playoffs
Our compliments to the Std-Ex copy editor for the latter headline, a double entendre which we deem to be pretty danged clever.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the info on the video pod cast and Go Wildcats!

RudiZink said...

Couldn't be happier to supply the link, Kevin. Frankly, this Utah Ute grad confesses he's very excited about this Wildcat team.

Virginian said...

"Thanks for the link to the
WSU/Cal Poly gsme tonight, Rudi!"

I'm an estranged WSU grad, living in Virginia, and I have to constantly deal with these Viginia,Virginia Tech people constantly.

May the Weber Wilcats fight their way to the top of the FCS playoffs.

I wish the same for the Utah Utes, whom with their record should face some team from the BCS top six.

Of course that will never happen, given the East Cost loaded mentlity of the NCCA.

Somebody.. maybe Cogress... needs to look into the BCS debacle, and its stupid monopoly over U.S. National Football Championships!

monotreme said...

WSU 14, Cal Poly 7.

Let's hope it stays like this. After the first series, the defense has done a great job.

This is the last game of the first round; all the other top seeds won. We would meet Montana (#4 seed) if we win.

monotreme said...

End of the first quarter, and they're just a few yards from tying it up (unless they miss a PAT).

The KLO broadcast is about 5 seconds ahead of the video stream, which is maddening. Still, I'd rather listen to Carl Arky than the Cal Poly announcers and commercials.

RudiZink said...


Mustangs score again

It's 14-14


monotreme said...

That was a nice pass, and it's always good when Smith is wide-open.

WSU 21
Cal Poly 14

Weber State! Weber State! Great! Great! Great!

RudiZink said...

Trevyn Smith score on a long pass. With the PAT it's now WSU 21-CPSLO 14.

Forget the defense.

This game has become a mighty offensive battle.

Go Wildcats!

RudiZink said...

Cal poly fullback runs into the endzone... 22-21.

This is one helluva good game!

Are you still around, mono?

monotreme said...

Yep. About to get whiplash from this one.

Hoping the 'Cats make it in the endzone before the half.

monotreme said...

Heh. I love that Tim Toone guy. Saw him in the elevator Wednesday, and told him what a great catch he made on fourth down last week.

He's smart and humble, a great guy.

Close call on the PAT.

Cats Fan said...

Toone scores another TD!

28-21 with the PAT!

monotreme said...

Wow. Wildcats just doubled Dally's interception total for the season.

Monotreme said...

Love those turnovers.

Monotreme said...

Told you Toone was a great guy.

Monotreme said...

Heh. 35-21.

Monotreme said...

Should've kicked a field goal. That's what happens when you have a lousy kicker. Chumps.

RudiZink said...

Ooops! Cal poly is down by 14, and their QB throws another pick,

I think I see how this game is going now.

Go Wildcats!

CHOP SHOP said...

On to missoula ! Way to go CATS

Monotreme said...

They beat Montana at Missoula once, they can do it again.

Still, I think the committee did a lousy job on the bracket this year.

CHOP SHOP said...

That game was here i think.Yes they did but we had our chance for a home game last week and effed it up. ROAD TRIP !!!!

CHOP SHOP said...

Thanks for the link rudi

Curmudgeon said...

SL Trib already has a brief write up on the game posted here.

WSU gave up 548 total yards. Cannot do that next week and win. But WSU also intercepted Cal Poly's QB 4 times. He'd only thrown one pick all season long until tonight.

Can't post more. Have to email account of WSU's win to former LSU colleagues who may have forgotten what conference-winning football looks like. I shall remind them. I mean, after all, what are friends for, right?

Curmudgeon said...

SE has a kind of running-blog-post account of the game up here.

Wm M said...

49-35 ... bummer, I had the over ...

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