Friday, November 14, 2008

In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

Is it time to close the national money hole?

How about the Ogden money hole?

Listen... and YOU decide.

Consider this the kickoff to a Friday evening open topic thread.


lets get it done said...

Mayor to town folk: You're too stupid to work with
November 14th, 2008 @ 1:38pm

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho (AP) - You can't call Bill Beck the mayor of "stupid" town anymore. The former St. Anthony mayor resigned from his post at a city council meeting Wednesday night, but not before telling off the townspeople and his fellow city council members.

Councilman Bryan Fullmer told the Standard Journal that Beck walked into the start of the meeting and announced his surprise resignation to the audience. Fullmer said Beck then told the audience that he was tired of people who were too stupid to understand, and turned and told council members that they were too stupid to work with, too.

Fullmer said Beck continued by telling the town to go to hell.

The audience responded to his resignation with applause. Beck left the meeting shortly after.

Beck declined to comment on the resignation.

Beck and the city council are the subjects of a recall petition. Beck said last week that he would vigorously defend himself against the recall.


Information from: Standard Journal,

al said...

I only Ogden could be as fortunate.

no drama said...

Bill Beck is a Democrat and the City Council are Republican

sterica said...

Ogden....Help is on the way in 2010!

danny said...

I note Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Atlanta have asked for money from the bailout to go to them. Yes, let's keep the incompetence going. Perhaps Ogden should hire somebody to go to work full time to get a bailout for this city. Curt Geiger's wife seems like a good choice.

googlegirl said...

New Report: Fake TV News Widespread and Undisclosed


All Americans should watch this video!

We're in deep doo in America, with the bankers running our government.

Wake up, America!

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