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Wednesday Morning News Roundup 11.19.08

Slow news day special

1) The Standard-Examiner puts the spotlight on the Utah jobs market, with two stories predicting job losses for the year 2009:
It's been a persistent meme around these parts that Utah is special... that we're somehow immune to the recessionary forces which now cripple our national economy. The above data, together with similar information available elsewhere on the web, indicate that no amount of wishful thinking will spare Utahns from sharing at least some of the economic pain that's now being experienced across the U.S. economy.

Buckle up, folks. We're in for some difficult times... even here in the blessed Land of Zion.

2) The Std-Ex announces this morning that the city council has hired a California firm to perform an audit of Ogden's code enforcement management operation. Hopefully the $46 thousand in fees approved by the council will be sufficient to permit a thorough examination of various perceived code enforcement inequities, with an emphasis on some apparent enforcement preferences extended to "special" Friends of Matt.

3) Despite the ongoing bad economic news, it appears Utah is nevertheless poised to enter the 21st century, in at least one respect: to "legalize adulthood," and to bring our state's quaint liquor laws slightly more into alignment with the rest of the country. This from the Deseret Morning News:
We'd classify this as a "no brainer" for any state that's highly dependant upon the tourism industry.

4) With the Utah/BYU faceoff coming up one Saturday afternoon, the Std-Ex adds to the pregame hype, and shines the spotlight on two rival Top of Utah football players here and here. As the excitement builds for Saturday's Blockbuster Game, here's something that we found interesting:
We'll be enjoying the game at an Ogden Ute Alum tailgate party. We decided not to mortgage the house for a game ticket.

We apologize to our readers for the late posting of this morning's article. Seems our big-name broadband IP provider experienced some bugs and hiccups in the system this morning.

Update 11/19/08 2:05 a.m. MT: Ooooops! somewhere along the line while our big time IP server had a case of "the burps" all morning, we inadvertantly forgot to post this awesome Std-Ex tribute to your blogmeister's old pal, "Ogden home boy," Jeff Lowe. Let's just say Jeff's now in good company with another legendary Ogden "Hall of Famer."


RudiZink said...

Congratulations to our old pal Jeff Lowe, for his induction into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame!

He's definitely in good company there

danny said...

Well I guess now that Jeff Lowe has been inducted into the UTAH sports hall of fame that PROVES that he should be handed millions to tip his icicle up downtown and then paid millions more to run it!

Of course, given the lack of private donors for his boondoggle, perhaps we can conclude is that what Jeff is really good at is gaining the attention of certain insular groups of people and little else. Will this latest honor pay his rent for a month? Perhaps the hall of fame will at least buy Jeff a taco, but I doubt it.

I'm glad to hear somebody will be auditing the behavior of the planning department, otherwise known as the Godfrey Gestapo.

Hopefully they will uncover the many cases of extortion applied to businesses to put Godfrey signs in their windows and to send a check to the G-train in cases where they wish to keep doing business in the city. As Curt Geiger said, are you for "progress" or not? Do you want to get your city approvals taken care of, or not?

Curmudgeon said...

Well, Danny, I say congratulations to Mr. Lowe. Not a lot of people make a career out of doing what they love to do, especially when what they love to do is an uncommon and not widely popular thing, as climbing was not when he began. I kind of admire that. Nomination to the Utah sports hall of fame is hot a trivial thing, and I'm pleased for Mr. Lowe the he got the nod.

And impressed that with all he's dealing with, he's still highly active, pursing goals that matter to him, and within the constraints of his illness, doing it well. I don't have to agree with him about public policy and the allocation of public funds to be pleased for him that he was nominated, and to be impressed by his active determination to stay involved in climbing despite his illness.

Jersey Jim said...

Frank Sinatra-My Way


Curmudgeon said...

Jersey Jim:

OK, JJ, chuckle away. But I'm puzzled often here, about why a difference over public policy morphs so quickly into personal attacks. Honestly, I'm hard put to understand why. I think Mr. Lowe is wrong about the ice tower's prospects, and I agreed with Danny and many others that putting another 200K of city funds into the pot to support it was not a good idea. Nor was putting in the compromise 100K the Council decided on. What I don't see is why my disagreeing with him about that should mean I've got to go after him personally, why that requires me to be churlish and carping about his having won an award, or having made a career of climbing. Puzzles me. I don't understand it.

Bill C. said...

Curm, you sound a bit like the lady that wrote the letter defending Buttars. There's good and bad in everyone, this article was focused mostly on the good. No problem with that but, going foreward, his aspirations could totally offset all of this as far as the people locally are concerned.
Most folks that gain this sort of notariety further their accomplishments by giving back to the community with their own, and private donations of time and money. This is not the case with the giant artificial indoor/outdoor icecicle. Were that truely the case I doubt there would be much resistance.

OgdenLover said...

Why wasn't there mention of Dan Schroeder's award in the SE?

drewmeister said...

Ogdenlover: Because he works with the Sierra Club. They aren't real humans, you know.

Curmudgeon said...


Like the lady defending Buttars? Good Lord, Bill!

Curmudgeon said...


I've been wondering the same thing. Ogden guy wins prestigious award for his work on public affairs and conservation in Utah, and the SE so far as I know ignored the story.

As Arte Johnson used to say, "veddy interesting...."

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