Sunday, November 23, 2008

Utes 48; Cougars 24

Utah clinches sole ownership of the MWC title, and delivers to BYU a stinging and long overdue gridiron whupping

Devoted BYU fans' BCS-spoiler prayers went unanswered yesterday afternoon, as our beloved Utah Utes delivered a crushing 48-24 whupping to a bumbling Cougars squad, to the great delight of a virtual sea of screaming and cheering Rice-Eccles Stadium crimson-clad fans . We present three morning stories of note, dutifully googled-up from Northern Utah print media sources:
Utes fans chant BCS, BCS
BCS bound: Utes run away with the game after BYU gives up crucial 3rd-quarter fumble
Monson: Utes imperfect win gives them a BCS bowl return
Once again the Utes were firing on all cylinders, dominating the hapless BYU team from the initial kickoff, and delivering the Cougars a well-deserved and long overdue comeuppance. To our amusement, by the way, BYU workhorse quarterback Max Hall threw FIVE PICKS. He might as well have suited up in the crimson and white yesterday, we think.

Reader comments are invited, of course. And yes... Ute fan gloating gloating is allowed.

Update 11/24/08 7:46 a.m. MT: Whoa... The Utes come out #6 in the BCS standings this week. Not bad. Take that, Zoobs.


Anonymous said...

By coincidence Bronco and Kyle show up in heaven on the same day. God first greets Bronco warmly and congratulates him for living a fine life, and pointing to a gianormous mansion on the side of a mountain, with a huge blue Y on the roof, says to Bronco, "Welcome, well done, this is yours!"

Bronco is all-a-glow when he notices an even larger mansion even higher on the mountain with an even bigger red "UU" on the roof. At which time Bronco blurts out, "why does Kyle get THAT mansion?" God replies, "That is NOT Kyle's mansion, it is Mine."

Candy said...

now your being like a byu co-ed

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