Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Weber State U Game Tonight: Even Bigger Than ALL the Others

Watch WSU improve its historical record... on TeeVee.

Quick note on this afternoon's BIG GAME. The WSU Wildcats have an opportunity to make history again today, as they go on the road against Idaho State U. For the compleate skinny, read this morning's full Standard-Examiner story below:

’Cats can hoist Big Sky trophy

For those rabid 'Cats fans who can't make the actual game in Idaho Falls, the game's being broadcast on some offbrand TEEVEE station called ALTITUDE. If you don't have Comcast however, but DO HAVE BROADBAND IP SERVICE, be sure to check out It features free online Big Sky Broadcasts, including this Afternoon's Weber State/Idaho State faceoff.

The game has now started; check out the internet broadcast below:

WSU @ Idaho State - live broadcast

More to come here in the post-game discussion... later.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the game.

Update 11/9/08 6:45 a.m. MT: Final score: Wildcats 59; Bengals 27. The Standard-Examiner provides two articles this morning:

Purple perfection

As an added bonus, check out this robust writeup from the Voice of Deseret.


WSU Home Boy said...


Toone just scores on a long pass.

Extra point goes thru the middle

WSU 10-ISU 3

WSU also just recovered a fumble @ the ISU ten yard line a couple of seconds later...

Go Cats!

WSU Home Boy said...

LOL! WSU scores after the fumble!

WSU 17-ISU-3

Screw the Widcats said...

oops! Bengals get back with a TD.

Score: WSU 17-ISU 10.

WSU Home Boy said...

Trevyn scores for another six; Willimas blows the PAT.

You got lucky, Screw the wilcats.

Current score: WSU 23-ISU 10

WSU Home Boy said...

LOL! WSU picks off another pick!

WSU Home Boy said...

Higgens hit another pass in the endzone. With the two point conversion that now makes the score WSU 31-ISU-10.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Screw the wildcats!

WSU Home Boy said...

Doyle takse the Higgins handoff and scores six. with the extra point WSU has another seven, elevating the score to 38-10.

So talk to us, screw the wildcats

Are you still here?

WSU Home Boy said...

Trevyn Smith catches another long pass for a TD. The PAT makes it 45-10.

I'll assume we wont be hearing from screw the wildcats any longer.

WSU Home Boy said...

ISU gets into the endzone!

It had to happen with the WSU scrubs on the field against the ISU first string.

Current score: WSU-45, ISU-17.

Where are you, Screw WSU?

WSU Home Boy said...

Oops! another WSU touchdown and PAT.

WSU now 52, to ISU's 17.

I sense blowout happening here.


WSU Home Boy said...

Durn! WSU has a punt bocked for a Bengals 2 point safety,

Then the Bengals return the subsequent kickoof to return the ball to the "Cat's seven yard line.

After that they go into the endzone with a TD.

Will the excitement ever end?

We're sitting on the edges of our seats!

Two minutes later, within the time it took to type this, WSU scores yet again.

Current score: WSU 59, ISU 27.

WSU Home Boy said...

Final score: WSU 59, ISU 27

Go Cats!

WSU goes to 7-0 in the Big Sky Conference, for the first time foerever!

Curmudgeon said...

Comment promoted to main article

Kevin said...


This isn't a statement, just information for you to use. ... I talked with Vickie McBride, wife of Coach Ron McBride this morning at 9:00 a.m. She said all the heart tests were negative and that he had a good night's rest. He was released late this morning from the Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, Idaho and was driven back home by Vickie and daughter Kelly. ... I don't have any information at this point as to whether or not he will be at work tomorrow. ... We have a BYE week, so we most likely (I haven't received the offical week's schedule) won't be practicing on Monday or Tuesday but I will keep you up dated. Brad Larsen

Curmudgeon said...

TY, K.

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