Friday, November 14, 2008

Prominent Local Citizen Activist Receives the Prestigious Pfeifferhorn Award

Well-deserved recognition for Ogden City's own Dan Schroeder

By Amy Wicks

Congratulations to Dan Schroeder of the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club!

Dan is the 2008 recipient of the Pfeifferhorn Award! The Pfeifferhorn Award was inaugurated in 1995 to honor an individual who should be recognized for serving the public interest by helping to preserve and protect some aspect of the natural environment of the State of Utah .

The award is presented by Save Our Canyons, The Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club, The Wasatch Mountain Club, Wild Utah Project, The Nature Conservancy and The Salt Lake Audubon Society.

Dan is an exemplary watchdog and protector; and because of the countless hours and passion he puts into so many different issues- Utah is truly a better place.

In honor of Dan and his work, I made a donation to Save Our Canyons today. It's easy and you can do it online with a PayPal account.


drewmeister said...

Congrats, Dan! You crazy, nose-breathing, leeb'ral! ;-)

Monotreme said...

Thanks for the link, Amy. I have also made a donation to Save our Canyons.

Congratulations, Dan S. It is a well-deserved honor.

Tec Jonson said...

Congratulations, Dan

Dan Schroeder exemplifies the term public servant. He doesn't run for office or seek attention. Instead he takes immense personal time to keep government open and transparent. He is truly objective and is capable of translating the inherent logic of physics to everyday living. I am honored to have made acquaintance with Dan and to have him in the neighborhood. He is an asset to our great community.

thanks for digging deeper said...


Thanks for digging deeper into all the important issues facing Ogden. You have tackled many issues that I wish I had more time to deal with.

Wm M said...

Friend or foe, Dan's brilliant mind deserves recognition ...

Larry Zini said...

We congratulate Dan Schroeder on his award. Dan has been a stalwart contributor to many efforts to preserve our natural environment in Northern Utah.

Larry and Sharon Zini

dan s. said...

Amy, Rudi, drewmeister, monotreme, tec, thanks, wm, Larry, Sharon, and others:

Thank you, all.

Receiving this award is a tremendous honor and frankly, quite a shock. There are hundreds of people in Utah who deserve it more than I do.

I accepted the award last night not on my own behalf, but rather on behalf of the many people I've worked with in Ogden and the surrounding area. These people include Sierra Club volunteers, other organizations, individual citizen activists, government officials, and also the organizational and legal infrastructure in Salt Lake City that we often depend on.

Nothing happens in a democracy unless many people work together to make it happen--but that's what we've often able to do.

I also accepted the award on behalf of the issues and campaigns that I've been associated with. There have been quite a few over the years, and much remains to be done. My hope is that this award can focus some attention on these issues: protecting our natural environment, improving the city where we live, and building better government.

It has truly been an honor to work with so many of you as we try to make Ogden a better place. And the most rewarding part of this work has been getting to know so many wonderful people, who bring essential skills and backgrounds that I lack, but who share a respect for our city, its natural surroundings, and the democratic process.

dan s. said...


p.s. Although I'm proud to be a leeb'ral, I'm also proud to be a conservative. In fact, Charlie Trentelman once called me the most conservative person he knows, because of my "Kill Your Television" bumper sticker and my efforts to conserve our natural resources. (I've often wondered how some people can call themselves "conservative" while they promote using up our natural resources as quickly as possible.)

Jason W. said...

You're making me cry, beloved Dan S. And not by peeling onions. Our poor boarded-up town is indebted to you. Thank you.


Moroni McConkie said...

Dan S.: Absolutely. Unfettered consumption is a hallmark of conservative political philosophy. And that includes the recent, panicked run on gun shops.

ozboy said...


You be the fiz in fiziks!

Ogden is damn lucky to have you!!

lets get it done said...

Here is an article that only we could hope for.

Mayor to town folk: You're too stupid to work with
November 14th, 2008 @ 1:38pm

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho (AP) - You can't call Bill Beck the mayor of "stupid" town anymore. The former St. Anthony mayor resigned from his post at a city council meeting Wednesday night, but not before telling off the townspeople and his fellow city council members.

Councilman Bryan Fullmer told the Standard Journal that Beck walked into the start of the meeting and announced his surprise resignation to the audience. Fullmer said Beck then told the audience that he was tired of people who were too stupid to understand, and turned and told council members that they were too stupid to work with, too.

Fullmer said Beck continued by telling the town to go to hell.

The audience responded to his resignation with applause. Beck left the meeting shortly after.

Beck declined to comment on the resignation.

Beck and the city council are the subjects of a recall petition. Beck said last week that he would vigorously defend himself against the recall.


Information from: Standard Journal,

the lovely jennifer said...

I think maybe the people (more specifically, the forests & homes that are burning) might benefit from the haps in Utah in re: the natural spaces.

Aren't there some folks in Cally who have decided that cutting down dead trees (aka prime fire fuel) is wrong? I wonder if any of those folks whose homes have burned down might have something to say about that?

Firemen on site have stated there is far too much fuel to enable an effective control of the current fire(s) in Santa Barbara area.

I'm all for preserving our open spaces - and for taking care of them, but letting them burn for the sake of leaving them completely alone seems a bit over the top to me. Sort of takes the satisfaction out of preservation and care-taking if it all goes up in smoke. (not to mention adding to global warming with all the smoke and heat of the fires**)

The lovely jennifer

** please dont take me serious about the global warming comment - all things have their season, with or without the interference of man.

Bill C. said...

Yeah for Dan. I'd like to tell you folks how humbling an experience it can be to collaborate with this guy on an issue. He's thorough, diligent, open and very resourceful. I will also state that despite the stereotypical preconcieved bias, Dan's quite humorous.
I've been privileged to work on a few things with Dan, and I must admit in all regards I've come out better from each experience.
So Dan, one more thing for you be proud of and I congradulate you on another stellar achievement. At the risk of permanently tarnishing your reputation, for me, above all else, I'm honored to have you as my friend.

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