Saturday, November 01, 2008

Big Game This Afternoon: The 'Cats Meet the Vikes

Time to put some fannies in Stewart Stadium seats
Weber County Forum Special: Live internet television feed

Just a quick reminder for Emerald City citizens of the big game scheduled for this afternoon. The 7-2 Weber State Wildcats meet the Portland State Vikings at Stewart Stadium. Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m.

The 'Cats are plainly on the brink of establishing a new winning tradition. It's time we think, for Emerald City citizens to get aboard the bandwagon.

Thursday's Standard-Examiner editorial provides a persuasive argument supporting the idea that all Emerald City football fans should consider making it to this afternoon's game:
Even if Weber State makes the FCS playoffs, a home-field game may not be guaranteed. FCS rules state that only the top four seeds of the 16-team playoff field are guaranteed home-field advantage through the quarterfinals. Weber State’s current 13th ranking makes it unsure it will be a top-four seed.
In order to be considered for a homefield playoff berth, the FCS considers more than one factor. One is how well the community — business and personal — supports the football program. Are there adequate lodging accomodations for a playoff game? Is there ample community support promoting FCS football? Weber State University Athletic Director Jerry Graybeal is working hard to build support in the community for the team’s playoff drive.
Another factor is a school’s attendance figure for home games. This does not bode as well for the Wildcats. Although 7,000 fans — a healthy increase — watched the Wildcats defeat Northern Colorado two Saturdays ago, that number still dwarfs the routine sellouts at Montana, a ranked Big Sky team also fighting for a playoff berth. In fact, the Standard’s Asay reports today that WSU football is eighth in Big Sky attendance. Only Northern Colorado sells fewer tickets. [...].
Weber State is having a remarkable season. The team is playing well enough to contend for the FCS national championship. They deserve a sellout this Saturday.
It would be a letdown if the Wildcats won the Big Sky Conference, rose to the Top 10 of the rankings, and had to go on the road for the team’s first playoff game in many years because local fans wouldn’t fill the seats at Stewart Stadium.
An FCS national championship would surely put Ogden City "on the map." And that's exactly what Emerald City citizens want, right? put Ogden City on the map?

We're hoping to see a full stadium this afternoon.

First reader back here with a half-decent game recap gets his/her own front page article.

Update 11/01/8 4:16 p.m. MT: The Wildcats prevail 31-21, and go on undefeated 6-0, in the Big Sky Conference (8-2 overall).


Susie said...

Thanks for the TV feed, Rudi. I'm watching from my office.

The Wildcats are now up 24-0.


Myrna said...


"Cats Fan said...

the Vikings have now scored three unanswered TDs in the second half.

Why are the Wildcats now playing like crap?

O-Town sports fan said...

Thanks for pointing out the important stuff about supporting the local team. I'm pleased to see that a lot more people were at the game today. I was looking for Elvis...I guess Jerry Glanville still leaves him tickets at will-call.

Tough that the 'Cats gave up 3 scores in the second half, but they still found a way to win.

The SE made a good point about the playoffs. It's going to be tough to get a home game, but I think that's the kind of stuff that would put O-Town on the map. A college football playoff game would be a big draw, and a boon for all of us.

I realize Weber State isn't the Powerhouse that Oklahoma or the draw that BYU is, but it's our hometown team! There are high school football teams in Texas that outdraw Weber State. I hope that's going to be the way 'things used to be", and can look forward to having to get to the games early to get a better seat!

See ALL Y'all at the final home game!

Curmudgeon said...

They play at Idaho St. next week the way they played in the second half this week, we won't have to worry about where the playoff game will be. Not a single sustained drive in the second half. Not one.

O-Town sports fan said...


True, but I don't think it'll be much to worry about. Coach Mac made a point on the post game show of remarking they have some things they need to work on.

And, wasn't it a couple of weeks ago you made the point you like the exciting games that are close?

A lot of good things today...two touchdowns on D... although one was called back on a penalty, and a blocked field goal. Then, they let Portland State back in with the three touchdowns. But it was a far cry from the game with Portland State last year.

I agree that they've got to tighten up on some things. There were too many penalty yards today, one that cost the 'Cats a touchdown. I'd be willing to bet they'll work on those things in practice this week.

It'd be nice if those that can make the trip North, try to show up to the Idaho State game. Make a day of it. Maybe have breakfast at Elmer's and then head over to the game. Stop on the way home and pick up some Powerball tickets. Gas prices are down, and Pocatello is a short two hours away. Sounds like a pretty good way to kill a Saturday and show the 'Cats some support.

Curmudgeon said...


Two blocked FGs, wasn't it?
I like close games in which the lead seesaws back and forth. Pulse pounders. Games in which one team plays the first half, and quits, more or less, in the second is another matter. This late in the season, they shouldn't be doing that.
But, a W is a W, pretty or not.
As for crowds, it was better this week. Perfect fall weather for afternoon college ball. But WSU has three mountains to climb in re: attendance, and I don't think it ever will, consistently. One is the closeness of the U and BYU and the legions of fans both have who have never attended either university. The other is the fact that WSU is primarily a commuter rather than a residential college. Very difficult to build the kind of loyal fan base and large turnouts traditional fb powers have without a substantial residential student body.

It can be done, but with the Y and U so close, it's doubly difficult.


ozboy said...


The "power" of football even infects the normally smart mind of the Curmudgeon!

This insidious "game" needs to be banned before the WCF is rendered completely stupid and insipid.

RudiZink said...

LOL, Oz! At this point I confess I'm starting to wonder who's the REAL curmudgeon.

Go 'Cats!

Curmudgeon said...


Oh, Oz, I enjoy a good college football game, especially here. I lost my taste for it amid the drunken crowds at LSU, where it all mattered way way too much. But of a cool fall afternoon, with the mountains in the background and sun sinking over the Great Salt Lake, with other fans who are actually watching the game, not screaming drunken curses at the visiting team or its fans, it's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

However, I will confess that what passes for tailgating at WSU is way way too... well, let's just say "buttoned up" ... for my tastes.

Wish WSU fielded a baseball team. I like watching college baseball too. And I take in an ice hockey club game at the ice sheet now and then. Nothing wrong with college athletics, provided things aren't permitted to get out of hand, and so far as I can see at Weber, they are not.

ozboy said...

Ah Mr. Curmudgeon

I have been contemplating new ways to make money and have considered charging folks to sit in my back pasture and watch the barb wire rust. You give me new hope that this is a viable idea and I would be proud to have you as my first paying customer.

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