Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Election News Roundup

Several interesting political items emanate from the Northern Utah media this morning

With slightly less than five days remaining before the Utah General Election November 2, 2010 official polling date, we'll reel off several interesting political items emanating from the Northern Utah media this morning:

1) With Utah early voting concluding tomorrow, The Deseret News presents an interesting examination of the early voting process, citing data from a University of Wisconsin/Pew Center study which suggest that early voting, a process ostensibly intended to increase voter turnout, may in fact actually have the opposite effect:
Early voting may actually depress turnout, researchers say
2) The Standard-Examiner carries a strong editorial this morning, slamming GOP Utah State Moron Representative Paul Ray's quixotic effort to repeal the 14th Amendment:
OUR VIEW: Ray's birthright time-wasting
3) For those readers who are carefully following developments in the Weber County Commission "A" and "B" races, be sure to check out Ogden Valley Forum's most recent posting, wherein Blogmeister Valley reveals the results of a six-question candidate survey submitted to all five Weber County Commission candidates:
County Commission Candidates Respond To Our Questionnaire
That's it for now, WCF readers.

Who will be the first to chime in?


Dan S. said...

Also from the Trib:

Does museum campaign violate state law?

My comment:

This sort of thing happens all the time. It's wrong, but I wish the media would take notice on other occasions. Government entities throughout Utah pay dues to their local Chambers of Commerce, which in turn support ballot propositions. The mayor of Ogden formed his own little personal PAC in 2007 to support city council candidates, and used the power of his office to solicit contributions from all around town and even from the Governor's Office of Economic Development. He also regularly uses city-funded communications for thinly disguised electioneering. The reason it continues is because the newspapers don't seem to care.

Hopeful in Huntsville said...

Wicks and Morgan for Commission.

one who votes said...

NPR this AM had Lee winning in Utah and saying no to any law coming up. He said shutting down the government would be an inconvience for some but necessay to stop out of control spending.

So Utah has already looked to as an extreme state that voted out Bennett, and Hatch might be next if they didn't get the message.

They also stated the Tea Party (Tea Baggers) would hold a meeting Nov 3-4 for freshmen legislatures before they can be turned into politicians. They only wanted the newly elected to attend. Talk about an agenda that should scare everyone.

voter said...

Gibson's lack of response to this blog's questionaire and the Ogden Valley Forum seems quite compelling. He obviously feels that responding to "poles" such as these is either a waste of time or will garner no votes. Dude, it's campaign season. EVERYTHING is important to a candidate. Ask those who win and those who loose.

In this age of information, words travels far and fast, and if one is in the race, one should understand that response, visibility, appearance, and getting one's message out is paramount.

That being said, I wonder why Ms. Wicks campaign signs are one sided. For someone of her experience, it would seem that something as elementary as the proper way to print a campaign sign is for it to display the message. The lass is cutting her message in half: traveling up the street in one direction, one can read her name (message); traveling down the street in the other direction and one sees a blank, white sign stuck in somebody's yard. She's only getting half the mileage that a yard sign is meant for, and that's name recognition.

Hopefully, this will not cost her any votes, but I am a little surprised that a better use to her signage wasn't made, especially in this election cycle. Everything is important, issues, platform, name recognition, etc., even something as probably minor as this.

Informed said...

Drew Johnson has his signs virtually everywhere. I hope getting his name out make a difference; he is the least like just the same old same old, out of everyone running.

Jan Z. is more of the same.

Common Sense said...

those darn lawn signs are expensive. too bad wicks didn't have the "payroll" like gibson. i am sick of seeing his signs.

I hope drew takes zog's votes and not morgan's or we will be stuck with zog for 4 more years.

Danny said...

I'd like to see the 14th amendment repealed too. But a better solution is a simple congressional vote to state their "sense" of what the amendment means, which is to insure that slaves at the time of the amendment were to be citizens, not to insure that anchor babies from Mexico today are.

And I liked this line from the editorial.

Ray has every right to push this impotent 14th Amendment repeal measure as a federal solution. We think a better idea would be to get the feds to better secure the borders, enhance penalties against employers who hire illegals, create a guest-worker program for law-abiding illegals and make sure criminal illegals are caught and jailed.

Anonymous said...

I don't want people here illegally.

I think the best solution, one that acknowledges historical trends, is to make Mexico and British Columbia the 51st and 52nd states.

And after Mexico and B.C., look to Ontario and Central America.

America, both North and South. I gotta love my brown skinned cousins from down south. Might as well, cause that is the future.

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