Thursday, October 21, 2010

Standard-Examiner WEBER Plus 2010 Election Candidate Digest

A heads-up on our new SE candidate profiles page

The Standard-Examiner carries a top-notch 2010 General Election rundown in the Weber Plus section of its print edition this morning, featuring profiles of all candidates running in Top of Utah races, from the First Congressional District right down to the various school board offices. For the convenience of our Weber County readers, we've collected all profiles of candidates who will appear on Weber County ballots, and linked them from the following web page:
Standard-Examiner 2010 General Election Candidate Profiles
We believe the Standard has done a bang-up job of reporting on the 2010 General Election (for the most part); and we congratulate and thank the staff of the Standard-Examiner for their diligent effort in this regard.

We've also placed our above candidate profiles link in our right sidebar election module, for the convenience of WCF readers who may may find themselves doing some November 2, 2010 election eve homework.


MOSC 21S4O said...

Thanks for putting up the SE candidate profiles page. Although I agree that the Standard is doing a pretty good job reporting the 2010 election, it was nice to find their candidate profiles posted in one place, on your Standard-Examiner 2010 General Election Candidate Profiles page.

Yes, the Standard is doing a much better job in this election year, as opposed to the past.

Nevertheless, their mastery of the internet is still pretty much what we called the US Army when I was a green weenie in it, a Total Cluster Cluster F***k.

Jennifer said...

I was beginning to wonder; all I've seen so far is Davis County candidate stuff and sample ballots ... nothing for the Weber County or Ogden area ...

Thank you for staying on top of it Rudi.


voter said...

The elections are right around the corner and the campaign season is upon us. What strikes me is that every candidate is right and all of their individual opponents is wrong. Therefore, who does one believe. Most candidates are descent, credible folk, ready to give their time to their selected office, but which one is actually speaking the truth? I liked what one of today's Standard articles said, and that was that the candidates who showed (probably more candidates showed than voters did, unfortunately) gave their reasons for sunning in not a standing format but told their stories from personal perspectives, etc. Seems good that this is happening as that would "personalize" the candidate moreso than the old, tired method of "lowering taxes" and "supporting so and so."

Endorsements are coming, but what, really, do they mean. I doubt I'd vote for a candidate just because some televison personality liked he or she or that someone from the Chamber or so on.

Not many yard signs this go-round. Not many debates, flyers or mailers. Is it me or is their a certain apathy at work?

One question off the subject: where is the thread about the one million dollars that the City got to help in the cleaning of Ogden River? Nice gesture for a worthy cause. Piece by piece this project may come together.

Nicely Done said...

Comment bumped to front page

Curmudgeon said...


I understand your confusion and I have a solution: simply vote exactly as I do. No stress, no strain, and 99% of the time you'll be making the right decision.

No, no, please. No thanks necessary. Happy to be of service.

history is true and it can't be changed said...

Will someone ask Jeremy Peterson to please explain the $2,000.00 dollar donation that he received from the last election from the envision Ogden group just where and how they raised that money and who gave to that PAC. He was part of the illegal Godfrey scam to raise over 80,000.00 from a bogus scheme. Please Jeremy do tell us if your so honest about being a politician with integrity. I will await your reply. or maybe you campaign can tell the paper all about it.

Hey rudi, your apart of this party that Jeremy belongs to can you call him and get some answers from him.

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