Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween, Everyone

A truly great reader-submitted Halloween-themed video

Here's a great reader-submitted Halloween-themed scary video, just to put everybody in the spirit of this weekend's great ancient, native, pagan, boffo and off-kilter stone-age throwback holiday:
Sea Bomb
Happy Halloween, everyone, heheheh!



calling from my i-Phone said...

Thanks to you, Rudi, I'm now on my way, in the company of a Weber County Sheriff's crew in an emergency ambulance, to Dee-McKay, with an apparent heart attack.

Pretty funny though, now that I think about it, and rattle through the prayer beads on my rosary.

Reverend Joe Bob said...

Here's a good question, Rudi:

Should Christians participate in Halloween?

You're a heathen, Rudi!


Curmudgeon said...

Well, number of trick or treaters were down chez Curmudgeon today. We usually have 90-100 or so come by. Today, maybe 50 or so. I figure the confusion about today or tomorrow, plus the rain, cut the numbers.

Still, enough to be fun. Lots of little ones levitating with excitement. People from other neighborhoods in other parts of the city driving kids in. The Geezer [92] parked on a chair by the front door got to see them all. A little champagne [Andre's finest], some Italian spinach turta for snacking, a beautiful double rainbow against Mt. Ogden early in the evening made for a fine time on the whole. [We'll be set up Sun. night in case some come by then too.]

One of our favorite holidays.

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