Monday, October 11, 2010

Utahns For Ethical Government Survey Responses

Find out how the candidates in YOUR Senate and House districts responded

Interesting data this morning from the Utahns For Ethical Government website.

UEG has posted the responses of the 191 Utah State Senate and House candidates to its just completed September, 2010 Ethics Initiative Survey. Of the 191 candidates, 69 responded, for a 36% return. Of interest is the fact that only twenty-nine percent of the respondents were incumbents while seventy-one percent were challengers.

Responses to the survey questions are tabulated in numerical order by Utah Senate Districts, followed by Utah House Districts. Find out how the candidates in YOUR Senate and House districts responded. The responses were collected between September 7th and 28th. To see the complete results, click on this link:
Legislative Ethics Survey Results
We urge Weber County Forum readers who consider legislative ethics reform to be a top 2010 General Election campaign issue to carefully review these data as you prepare to cast your November 2, 2010 votes.

For the convenience of WCF readers, we've also added this link to our right sidebar 2010 General Election Module.

Who will be the first to comment about this most illuminating survey data?


althepal said...

Kudos to Senate District 3 Republican candidate Lee Brinton. He seems to be sole GOP candidate who gets it."

"For years we have been trying to help elected officials understand the perception of
corruption associated with unreasonable campaign financing. I think few things
discourage voters more than the thought that their representative has been "bought". I
hear it over and over as I knock on doors throughout our district. This problem is not
unique to any one party. It is an inherent temptation that grows with longevity in office."

Farmster Burro said...

Glad to see old Gage Froerer is keeping his peeps well informed....

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