Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Montana @ Weber State

Kickoff @ 1 p.m. in Stewart Stadium

Our Weber State Wildcats will definitely have their hands full this afternoon, as they host the league-leading Montana Grizzlies at Stewart Stadium this afternoon at 1:00 p.m., with Montana arriving in Ogden sporting a five-game winning streak.

To get your Wildcat juices flowing, be sure to catch the Standard's Roy Burton pre-game morning take, with its "clever" Halloween-style twist :
Strappin' it on one last time
And for the sake of balance, read what the Missoula Missolian has to say about this afternoon's important conference rivalry game:
Griz return to scene of ’08’s rain-soaked upset
If you can't make it to the stadium, catch the audio broadcast on KLO Radio. And once again, the video version will be webcast on Big Sky TV.

We'll leave our lower comments section open as per usual for your ever-savvy remarks, of course.

Update 10/30/10 4:10 p.m.: WSU puts an end to The University Montana's winning streak, and hands this erstwile football juggernaut a convincing beat-down by a convincing score of 27-21!

Great Job, Wildcats!

Update 10/31/10 9:00 a/m.: The Standard has the post-game story:
Weber keeps playoff hopes alive in Montana win


10th floor PT Shower Girlz said...

Bring it, Griz.

Utah man said...

The local team should be supported, especially with the college staving off Godfrey, the Geigers and their foolish gondola by denying to sell its land. Go 'Cats.

The BIG story is the U of U, however. Several stellar seasons, 2 undefeated, winningest current consecutive bowl record, 1st BSC Bowl Busters, crushed Alambama, and invited to join the Pac 10
(12). The list goes on.

Reminds me of my days at Utah when the team was under Ray Nagel and Bob Watson, destroyed West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl (65) 35-6, and had several players go pro, with some winning Super Bowl rings (Marv Fleming-4, Roy Jefferson-1).

Nice to see major college football in the area. A Utah man am I.

RudiZink said...

I'm watching the game webcast right now on Big Sky TEEVEE. The whole WSU team is now marching onto the field wearing around their necks - Get This - Hawaiian leis.


Waaa? said...

oooops! WSU is down 0-7, thanks to more mental blunders

WSU Fan said...

Tafuna powers into the end zone for six points. With the xtra point it's now WSU 13, Montana 7.

WSU Fan said...

Montana goes ahead 21-13 over WSU, with a little help from Big Sky Officials.

WSU Fan said...

Touchdown WSU! No extra point with the failed two-point attept.

Weber State Still down by two points.

We get the strong impression that not only are our Wildcats batting it out wirh the "Griz." but that Big Sky officials are our "other" Wildcats league adversaries.

WSU Fan said...

Another TD for Weber State! Weber State succesfluly runs the two-point extra point option, and goes up over Montana by a score of 27-21!

WSU Fan said...

WSU's Jordan Brown gets a pick, and returns the ball to the Montana 20 yard line. WSU is now within field goal range.

WSU Fan said...

WSU gets the field goal. WSU now has a nice 9 point cushion, with 8:39 to go in the game!

WSU Fan said...

LOL! Montana gets called for roughing the punter. New first dowm for WSU.

10th floor PT said...

Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!
Yeah, it done already got brought.
Wild Cats!

Curmudgeon said...

I wonder what the odds would have been pre-game on this bet: Higgins throws no TD passes, but WSU wins. Fairly steep I would think.

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