Friday, October 01, 2010

The "Genius" Known as Leshem

Truth is stanger than fiction: We are not making this up!

One of our readers sent us a link which will surely add to our readers' morning merriment and mirth. We swear this is something ya gots to see with your own two eyes:
The Genius Known as Leshem
We're filing this under the category "Alternative Reality Department," of course.


you who said...

What a chicken shit dick he is. Developer my ass. Buy and run.

blackrulon said...

What color is the sky in Gadi's world?

just a humble public servant said...

Gadi is a true genius. He has managed to stay out of jail.

althepal said...

Gotta hand it to Leshem. The guy definitely has CHUTZPAH!

Lewis Carroll said...

Surely this is a parody.

RudiZink said...

"Surely this is a parody."

That occurred to us too, Lewis. But as somebody who's been knee-deep in American politics for over forty years, your blogmeister swears nobody but talented fantasy authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, (and possibly the likes of J.K.Rowling could make this kinda fantasy up, and get any public traction.

As for Gadi Leshem... remember he's proclaims that he's a... a... "genius."

We'll be standing by to find out whether this rolling on the floor laughing, new piece of info is legit, or even relevant of course.

Topanga and Rinaldi said...

I, like Gadi, hail from Chatsworth, CA. Nothing good ever came out of my back yard except Val Kilmer, John Elway, Kevin Spacey, and an entire global porn industry.

Next time I am visiting, I think I will knock on his door, and visit with this Genius.

ozboy said...

Gawd! What a pile of self congratulating horse shit!

This all comes from Gadi's own personal, and very delusional web site.

His comparison of himself to Steve Jobs is so far around the bend it goes beyond ridiculous. On his very best day he couldn't come close to even carrying Steve Job's jock strap!

The only thing this piece-O-shit fluff piece is good for is to gain a little insight into the alternate reality universe of this scam artist and his little buddy Lord Godfrey. They are both bat shit crazy to say the least.

Genius said...

Saw a date on the home page. 2007

That said there is only one movie that he could have really produced, " Jack Ass".

Biker Babe said...

I clicked on the "continue reading" links and got nothing -- wish I could've read the whole snarling pile of $%^&


Danny said...

It appears Leshem's vision and claim to glory is Ogden UT.

He lives in a delusional world and is a poser.

So is Godfrey.

Two mirrors, facing each other, reflecting each other, but not reality.

Biker Babe said...

okay, i have papers from the state of california naming the principals of gadi leshem's companies: and he isn't listed as ceo in any of them: it is MIRI LESHEM --- should I go on his genious-touting website and make a slurry of comments about this ? Just to stir the pot? Hmmm?


Monotreme said...


He had the genius to marry a woman who would take the fall for him when the whole thing came crashing down.

just a humble public servant said said...

Mono: What I said, he managed to stay out o jail.

Seriously said...

It's really him and not a parody or some joke.

Sad Day, sad day said...

The Ogden River is said to be negatively impacted by heavy industrialization around the city, thus slightly damaging the river’s ecosystem.
Is this something that leshem did himself.

OneWhoKnows said...

FOM's. (Friends of Matt)

Just another in the long lines of greed that have been favored by our visionary mayor over 11 years.

Here are but a few:
Chris Peterson, Curt Geiger, Scott Brown, Gadi Leisham, etc.....

His enemy list is much longer than his FOM's. But he represents all the diversity of our city, doesn't he?

Dan S. said...

Sad Day,

No, Leshem didn't cause the problems with the river. But he bought his properties at prices that reflected the existing problems, and he promised to spend approximately $1 million of his private funds to help clean it up--thus increasing his property's value. Now he has reneged on that promise and instead the cleanup is being funded entirely by taxpayers, as is the demolition of the abandoned houses on his property. Meanwhile, with the mayor's help, he's making money not as a developer but as a real estate speculator, buying and selling properties that the mayor has pre-selected for use by Walmart, the IRS, and (he hopes) the velodrome.

Nicely Done said...

Scottiedoo was doing the same thing....
And take a lookey at one of bingams building owners ....and the deal they got on their property...follow the dots....eerrrr the money

Dan S. said...


Show me the evidence.

Jennifer said...

Sort of on topic:

in Today's paper concerning our neighboring cities of South Ogden

are taking immediate action on ONE abandoned house that is an eyesore and it is stated in the artickle: "You can call the city and have their code enforcement come out and they'll start issuing citations ..."

And in Pleasant View:

where they must put on hold a street project that has gone over budget because they realized 5 or 6 weeks ago that it was costing more than the budget originally allocated [to fix or modify existing driveways] ... "There is still about $13,000 of work we could put off until next year. ... The lesson learned [said city Administrator JJ Allen] when we know we are going to have an issue like this, is to put it in the contract so we can have funds appropriated."

gives examples of cities' looking out for the best interest of the City and its People ... not the mayor or administration getting caught with eggs on their faces and backpedalling to try and make themselves look good at our [literal] expense.

Nicely Done said...

Dan..the old boy gets calls from out of towners asking about investing here...then sends him to props he ties up via the bro....can you say Star Noodle?...looks great to day too!

go ask who the "investors" are on BC .....they were pushing that area at 18 bucks a SF and that is not what they paid

just saying....

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