Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leg 8 House Candidate Alan Wheelright Speaks Out!

Alan's tired of education being the central theme of every election, on both sides, but still seeing Utah end up dead last in the Country on per pupil education spending

By Nicely Done

Check it out!

Alan Wheelwright posts on the Ogden Valley Forum!!!!
Allen Wheelright speaks out!
Open Question to the Utah Education Establishment: “What does an incumbent politician have to do to lose your support?”

Finally a little action in the so far moribund Legislative District 8 House race, we guess.

Comments, anyone?


Nicely Done said...

Interesting ...the gagester is also mister realtor for Weber school district...

Hindman said...

I heard Alan for the first time a week or so ago at a Meet the Candidates sponsored by W9/12 Project - Man, what a breath of fresh air this guy is!!!! Wish I was in his district so I could vote for him!

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