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UTA Ogden-Weber State Transit Corridor Study Open House Redux

We'll be keeping a close watch for further developments on a story which seems to be taking on a new life all its own

Within the two days following Thursday's public event, the UTA Ogden-Weber State Transit Corridor Study Open House story has evidently developed a new life all its own. In the wake of the threat of one economic consultant to sic the legal dogs on Ogden Sierra Club community activist (and regular WCF contributor) Dan Schroeder, it appears that Mr. Schroeder has taken the offensive, and has made contact with various members of the Northern Utah print media, to blow the whistle on that consultant's bullying behavior, among other things.

This background story first popped up on SE editorial page editor Doug Gibson's blog, early yesterday afternoon, followed by this SE Dan Schroeder Guest Commentary shortly thereafter. Notably, The Salt Lake Tribune's Cathy McKitrick is also all over the story too.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close watch for further developments, and will welcome any savvy WCF reader comments which might be posted along the way.


Curmudgeon said...

Worth noting how the two major TOU papers handled the story. SE decided to go with runing Dan's press release as a guest commentary. It did not treat the matter as a news story [outside of Doug's blog pointer]. The SLTrib, on the other hand, put a reporter on it and did a story about the matter. The Trib took Dan's press release as a starting point, interviewed others involved, and Dan, and provided Trib readers with a real news story, which included much of the necessary context for understanding the story's significance.

The Trib's way is much to be preferred, I think. The SE opted instead for a kind of press-release journalism [via guest commentary] instead. If I knew little about the story as a reader going in, the Trib's news story would have been more informative than the SE's printing a press release by one of the story's principals instead.

Makes no difference, really, that the the press release was from a highly credible source, Dan S., rather than from, say, Hizzonah's Puffery Development Shop. Press release journalism isn't something healthy for a newspaper, no matter who's press release is involved.

Dan S. said...

Cathy McKitrick is simply the best reporter I've ever worked with. We had a great phone conversation in which I made sure she understood all the important facts. By then she had already interviewed Carpenter and Wikstrom, and was trying to reach Crandall. After the interviews she clearly worked very hard to pick out the most important points and put them together in a coherent narrative.

I thought it was odd that Gibson simply slapped my press release onto their web site as a guest commentary--but it's better than nothing. He indicated that their news department may or may not decide to do their own story. That's still a possibility, but so far I haven't been contacted.

OgdenLover said...

At least the SE actually published Dan's remarks instead of refusing to as they've done in the past.

Of course, that ignores that what Dan is saying is fact, not opinion.

Dan S. said...


Yes, I'm glad they've put the press release on their site, and highlighted it on Gibson's blog. But the press release will not be published in the dead-tree edition--only on the web.

I don't think we're seeing any departure from their previous practice. In the past they've rejected my commentaries only when I mentioned Godfrey by name.

Ozboy said...

Also in today's Tribune (Sat 2 Oct) is a nice write up about Ogden's down town area. The article starts by telling about the Inkley's opening a new store on 25th & Grant where the old bus station was.

See the article here:

Pretty good piece all things considered. The real money quote however was from Godfrey while remarking on the new G4G store about to open:

“It says a lot about how dynamic the area has become with companies willing to expanding and open new stores even during a recession.”

What Lord Mayor of course doesn't mention is that this store is basically opening on the public's dime and that the tax payers of Ogden are essentially taking the financial risks involved in the opening of the new and risky business.

The article all so doesn't mention that the previous occupant of the old bus station was a business development and mentoring deal that has apparently failed in that location.

Here is hoping that the Inkley's have better luck in that spot.

ear to the ground said...

Oz: the rumor is that the previous tenant was lured away from that location to the American Can building--another city-subsidized project.

David said...

Funny how many times somebody has said to me, "I'm going to sue you," or, "My attorney has seen this and will contact you," or some such thing.

Nothing ever came of it, for the most part.

Karen Wikstrom appears to be a some kind of flake - her behavior seems unstable and implies she has something to hide. So much so, that her very attitude seems to call into question her competence more than anything.

Wait, Karen, shall I too now be hearing from your putative "attorney"?

Hunter said...


You will be hearing from my lawyer Rauol - as soon as he wakes up, drinks a little whiskey, scores some crystal meth and finds the door.

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