Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Standard-Examiner: OUR VIEW: Rob Bishop for U.S. Congress

What are your own thoughts regarding the Utah 1st Congressional District race?

The Standard-Examiner editorial board continues its 2010 General Election series this morning, with its endorsement of Rob Bishop for Utah's 1st Congressional District seat:
OUR VIEW: Rob Bishop for U.S. Congress
Here are the Standard's video interviews of the Republican and Democratic Party Gubernatorial candidates:
Rob Bishop (R)
Morgan Bowen (D)
Missing from the Standard's video interview series are Kirk D. Pearson (C) and Jared Paul Stratton (L).

The Standard also provides brief profiles of all four congressional candidates in this separate story:
Utah First Congressional District: U.S. House race looking familiar
The floor's open for your comments, WCF readers.

What are your own thoughts regarding the Utah 1st Congressional District race?


Tired said...

No more freakin Republicans . . .

Ray said...

Near as I can tell Bishop is a 100%party hack feeding at the special interest trough. If it's Utah pork he loves it! (ATK, Hill AFB, etc...) Congress folk need to work together if any substancial and realistic solutions are to be found for our nations many real issues. His bluster which works in Utah and will get him re-elected will not help solve this nations problems.

zenhighwayman said...

Man, was I tired this mornin', confusing Mr. Bishop with Mr. Hansen.
First day of pre-school, and I think the aging and over-experienced dad was more excited than the "lil' guy".

I hate Rob Bishop; period.
I would not vote for him if he was running for street cleaner; he is an example of why I would like to see America turn into a Chaocracy/ Meritocracy.

The rest still stands: Jeremy Petersen, OK: Neil Hansen, OK.
This time around, for Utah I am voting Democrat; except for Sheriff, where T. Thompson wins hands down.
You know I am sure when I vote for a Republican Sheriff. ;>

Great election year for a political scientist!

AWM said...

I can almost stomach Bishop. "Almost!" I like the fact he came from a teaching background vs real estate or a law background. My problem is he sells himslef as a Republican (small government/less taxes) but takes every flippen pork barrel hand-out he can get for the locals. It's one thing if he called himself unaffiliated (I know, he wouldn't get elected here in Utah). Curm touched on this subject a few trhreads back. My other issue with him is that he has been in DC since 2002 and is now running for another term. He is now crossing the line from citizen statesman and becoming a career politician. If he can't do what he needed to get done in 10 years another term is not going to change things. Like the rest of the career politicos he's now becoming accustomed to the pomp and circumstance, the power and influence. Rob's schtick of answering cell phones and letters is wearing thin, unlike his waistline.

Common Sense said...

Utah should emulate Massachusetts and elect outside the norm

rmwarnick said...

Rep. Bishop basically told the USU College Republicans, "A vote for me is a vote for partisan gridlock."

Of course, some people like that.

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