Thursday, October 28, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Wicks For Commission Seat "B"

This is ONE BIG BLOCKBUSTER EDITORIAL...Who will be the first to chime in?

The Standard-Examiner editorial board publishes the fifth editorial in its 2010 General Election endorsement series this morning, giving the editorial thumbs up in the Weber County Commission Seat "B" race to that model of Ogden City Council fiscal prudence, i.e., Ogden City Council political dynamo Amy Wicks.:
OUR VIEW: Amy Wicks for Weber commission (SE Live Edition)
OUR VIEW: Amy Wicks for Weber commission (Digital Edition)
View and compare the Standard's video interviews of both major party Weber County Commission Seat "B" candidates here :
Kerry Gibson
Amy Wicks
The Standard also provides brief profiles of each of these candidates in this separate story:
Weber County Commission Seat B
Time to turn this story over to our gentle readers. Whussup with your views on the Weber County Commission Seat "B" race, people?

Update 10/29/10 8:30 a.m.: Ogden Valley Forum is all over this story too:
Standard-Examiner Endorse Weber County Commission Candidate Amy Wicks


Anonymous said...

Since I'm first, I guess no one really cares.

Honestly, I think she should have held out for the mayor's race. Like it or not, Gibson will take her down by an overwhelming margin.

Dan S. said...

Plenty of people care, but the comment war is going on over at the S-E site.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

I for one will vote for her, that will open a spot on the City Council if she wins.

Anonymous said...

Amy Wicks saved Ogden from Godfrey. People have no idea what this town would be like if she had not been on
the council.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

Mr. Cook -- it will be a very long time before we are completely saved from Godfrey ... he does what he wants anyway, remember. We will be paying long after he's gone and long after many City Council changes.

Duke Mantee said...

If we miss this opportunity to elect Amy Wicks, we should all be taken to the woodshed. Amy represents what all politicians should be, honest, caring, and effective. Get off your duffs and vote for Amy, she could really breath life into the Weber County Commission.

Common Sense said...

Wicks and Morgan for a Commission that is responsive, responsible, and effective.

voter said...

Wicks has plenty of political assets and capital, all resulting in a reason to vote for her. She's been through countless budget sessions (no duck walk, that), is an advocate for open government, and has learned much in her years on the council.

I am concerned, however, about her unwilllingness to communicate with the mayor, simply because she detests his way of governing and/or performing the duties of his office. Much time has been wasted in her feud with Godfrey, time that could have better been put toward working for the citizens of Ogden. If, for example, the Commission Chair performs in a way she doesn't like, will she stalemate he or she to the point that the personal battle, rather than the issue, is the more important?

When that happens, none of us win, not Wicks, not her antagonist, not the people.

But if I can jump that hurdle, she has my vote. Gibson has done nothing to show me why he has earned it.

David S. said...

I completely disagree with "Voter" above. I know Amy. She is one of the nicest people around. She listens.

The arguments against her are not valid.

I wrote a letter to the editor endorsing Amy, Jan, and Betty Sawyer, as well as Peter Corroon. So far I am batting 1000 with the SE. Let's see them now come out for Corroon.

I was disappointed my letter got such little "play". I don't know if it was printed at all. Maybe they are holding it for a "pre election" spread.

Waldo Lydecker said...

Can everyone imagine what a titanic shift in government it would be to defeat both Gibson and Zogmaister. The real estate and developer cabal would go in to cardiac arrest.

Make it so!

Neville said...

blaming Amy for her stand-off with Godfrey is like blaming Churchill for his stance during the London blitz.

Nicely Done said...

Let's go for the trifecta and vote Froerer out while we are at it...

googleboy said...

Gage Froerer 6/11/10 Financial Disclosure Statement:

$3,000 from the Utah Association of Realtors!

voter said...

The Froerer family has been in the real estate business since the 50s and a finer, more honest group of people you'll not find. To find fault with a person because of his vocation is absurd and reflective of one's ignorance. Also, Gage is a member of the Weber County School Board and has served his community very well throughout the years.

It appears David Smith is so full of himself, a self professed importance because his letter did not receive the "play" he felt it should, that he attributed my "complete" post to be the one criticism I have against Amy Wicks. Hell, David, I read your letter and it was just a letter, a letter like any other Letter To the Editor.

You say you "completely" disagree with my above post, wherein I named many of Wick's virtues and experiences that make for her political assets and capital. You should pay more attention to what is written and less attention to bawling sour grapes because your letter got its just desserts. Your letter was really nothing that special and probably got more "play" than it deserved. I don't think the newspaper is "saving" it for a "pre-election spread." Some cheese with your whine?.

My one argument is valid but as I said, she probably has my vote. Ms. Wicks is a fine candidate, but like each and every one of us, she ain't perfect.

Stand to be corrected said...

'Voter' said, "Also, Gage is a member of the Weber County School Board and has served his community very well throughout the years."

Sorry, but Gage is NOT on the school board. He is the REALTOR for the school board.

another district 8 voter said...

Gage has necer returned a phone call, an E-mail or a letter from me concerning pending legislation.

I voted for him one, but if cant find the time to respond to his constituents, he lost my vote.

D8voter said...

Voted for him last time....never again. Self serving legislator....days on thing and votes another....real estate and farm bureau hack. Puts on a good Powder Mountain fiasco but really did nothing. Honest? LMAO!

Ray said...

Comment bumped to front page

ozboy said...

Sorry "voter" but it is obvious that you don't know David Smith or you would not have written this screed against him and his opinions. He actually is one of the more bright and well meaning citizens in Ogden. My biggest problem with Mr. Smith is his continued resistance to my suggestions that he run for Mayor. He would make an outstanding choice to replace the criminal and venal Mr. Godfrey in that office.

I also take exception to most of your characterizations of Mz. Wicks. I am pleased however that you are still going to vote for her. She really is a breath of fresh air in Ogden and Weber County politics. She truly represents her constituents better than any other elected official in the area. On top of that, and perhaps one of the best reasons to vote for her is - in the words of a former Councilman who served with her - a "smoldering volcano".

Hindman said...

Buck Froerer is on the Weber School Board.

I have found that most legislators ignore emails that I have sent over the past few years (even when not in session).

I have found the current county commission to be less than forthright in their actions and they truly seem to be rubber stampers.

We need major changes throughout the political scene in Utah -

Wicks and Morgan for Weber County Commission!

Nicely Done said...

From the Ogden Valley Blog...

Monday, November 01, 2010
County Commission Candidate Drew Johnson Speaks Out

Drew and State Representative Candidate Alan Wheelwright to host a "meet and greet" Monday - Don't miss the free pizza!

By Drew Johnson

We are coming down the home stretch in the election and I just want to reiterate my pledge to you.

I am here for you. I will be accessible and responsive to your needs.
I am nonpartisan and do not have agendas other than serving you, my employers.

Several things that I have talked about during my campaign that I think are important to focus on as Commissioner.

The first is balancing out property taxes. That will immediately save all of us money.
This will be achieved through creating ordinances which require property owners to be paid up to date on their property taxes in order to go through planning and zoning.
There are over 14 million dollars in Weber County alone in uncollected property taxes, which are owed by large corporations.

Another focus I will have is better communication and process at the County.
I want to see the County departments work together and work more efficiently. The departments and the commission need to act in the best interest of the people they serve. I will bring a teamwork approach to the County.

I also believe it's important to protect Weber County's watershed. This is one our greatest resources. It should be a priority to protect it for our long-term sustainability and health and also to save us money. According to the most recent Nature Conservancy Research, it is a proven fact that if you protect the sources of the water, you will save money spent on treatment facilities, which cost far more in the long run.

This Monday November 1st from 5-7 pm, Alan Wheelwright and I will be giving a "meet & greet" at the Alpine Pizza in Eden. We will be serving free pizza and talking with people. Everyone is welcome and feel free to invite a friend who may not have had a chance to talk with either of us yet.

Again, I look forward to serving you.

Please vote for me. Together we can all make a difference.

Drew Johnson
Vote 4 Drew

voter said...

Really people, the only negative I pointed out about Wicks was to criticize her jousts with the mayor and how such jousts take away time that could be spent more effectively on the people's business. The following "Wicks has plenty of political assets and capital, all resulting in a reason to vote for her. She's been through countless budget sessions (no duck walk, that), is an advocate for open government, and has learned much in her years on the council" all seem to be quite positive and take up the bulk of my opinion of her.

I did vote for Ms. Wicks but something either happened or didn't happen to her as Gibson thrashed her by about 13,000 votes. A big surprise there. It is Buck who was (I believe he and his wife are on an LDS Mission) on the Weber County School Board, not Gage (he's in the Legislature, I believe). My mistake.

I've heard that D. Smith is a pretty bright guy and if he threw his hat in the ring, he could give Godfrey a go. My critique about him was his "I completely disagree with "Voter" above." Again, he apparently didn't read the positives, only the ONE negative (maybe that's one of the things that got in her way at the polls) that I wrote, ("completely" means to disagree with the whole thing and I pointed out many of Amy's assets, to which we now add her being a "smoldering volcano) and then changed lanes to complaining about his letter not getting the play he thought it should. Again, nice letter but no Gettysburg Address.

I was pulling for Ms. Wicks and was really shocked at the margin.

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