Saturday, October 16, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Wildcats Ready To Face Idaho State Specialist

ISU is a team which WSU simply has to beat, or otherwise look forward to a very long rest of season

Our Weber State Football squad will be back on the field, facing Idaho State University at Pocatello's Holt Stadium at 3:30 this afternoon, so we're firing up another WSU Gameday Thread. Check out the Standard-Examiner and Idaho State Journal pregame writeups here:
Wildcats ready to face Idaho State specialist
Idaho State's perfect Storm
Oddly enough, it seems that ISU's major threat is a special teams kick return specialist, who's twice this season "returned a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns in the same game."

is coming off a bye week during which Coach Mac has reportedly "increased the tempo of practices during the bye week to try and get his players moving and thinking faster," in order to "combat the mental errors." We're not going to say this is a make-or-break game for our Wildcats, but with ISU's 1-5 record coming into this game, ISU is a team which WSU simply has to beat, or otherwise look forward to a very long rest of season.

As per usual, WSU fans can catch the audio broadcast on KLO Radio; and the video version is queued up for broadcast on Big Sky TV.

We'll leave the comments section open of course, for your ever-savvy remarks before, during and after the game.

Good luck WSU Wildcats! Lets go out and kick some major butt, and bottle up that "Idaho State receiver/returner extraordinaire Tavoy Moore" guy back in the endzone!

Who wants to go on record pre-game, by predicting the final score?

Update 10/18/10 10:00 a.m.: Final Score... WSU 16; ISU 13. The SE has the post game stories:
Dodging a blow: WSU football survives
McBride: Idaho State game film is a 'horror movie'


Promontory Shower Girlz said...

It's not about last week, or Homecoming, or some distant championship. Its all about today.

Go Wildcats!

go WSU said...

I'll predict the final score: WSU over ISU: 26-14.

Lou H. said...

"It's not about last week, or Homecoming, or some distant championship. Its all about today."

Yes indeed! Every college football team's performance is judged one game at a time.

BYTU GIT said...

If you wanna see BYU get its ass beat by TCU, watch the game, which starts about fifteen minutes from now on VERSUS

Cats fan said...

Geebus! WSU fumbles in the redzone. Another meatheaded WSU turnover.

Bedazzled by Incompetence said...

WSU is on the ISU ten yard line; and then Higgens throws an interception for a 7-0 ISU score!

What a bunch of screwups.

Weber State Sucks said...

Higgens, fed up with the incompetence of his fellow teammates, keeps the ball and runs into the endzone to tie the score at 7-7, after a succesfull PAT.

Promontory Shower Gurlz said...


RudiZink said...

Field goal by WSU from about the three yard line, with 16 secomds to go in the half.

WSU 10 -ISU 1.

wildcat said...

Beejebus. After a couple of cheap ISU field goals,WSU knots up the score once again, after a WSU pick and an ISU goal-line stand.

Score @ 13:17 in the 4th... 16-13 Weber.

Givem a few more chances said...

Uh Oh. Higgens throws another pick; ISU returns the ball to the WSU 15

seeing is believing said...

Hilarous. ISU muffs a nineteen yard field goal, WSU take possession, again turning the ball over to the Bengals on the Weber 22,

seeing is believing said...

Poetic justice. A bumbling ISU kicker misses a 40 yard field goal against a bumbling WSU Team. Score remains Weber 16-13 with 2:25 left.

RudiZink said...

Final Score: WSU 16; ISU 13.

Amazing how this game ended. "veteran qback higgins" somehow got called as throwing an incomplete pass in the waning minutes, when he should have been dropping to his knee and running out the clock... allowing the game to be decided by one final game 55-yard field goal attempt, which the ISU kicker muffed, fortunately.

The ugly and possibly undeserved victory thus goes to Weber State


Back now to my Utah Utes!

PSG said...

Undeserved, sure; but did you see the tight ends?

RudiZink said...

Yeah, PSG. But did you see the wide receivers?

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