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WSU Game Day Thread: WSU Faces Off Against Eastern Washington U. @ 1:30 P.M.

Best of luck to our home town team, the Wildcats

It's back to WSU football again this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, as WSU hosts its second home game in a row. The Standard-Examiner has the story in the morning edition, from which we provide the tantalizing lead paragraphs:
OGDEN -- Weber State is worried about Taiwan, but the Wildcats have no time for international politics or diplomacy.
The 'Cats are concerned with keeping up with Jones -- Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington's electric all-purpose yards machine.
Jones, a Walter Payton Award candidate, is a dynamic junior running back/kick returner with NFL potential. He leads the nation in all-purpose yards at 238.7 yards per game and leads the Big Sky with 129.5 rushing yards per game (fifth in the FCS).
To describe Jones' abilities, Weber State coach Ron McBride has to turn to the superpowered -- or the supernatural.
"He's a Superman," McBride said. "That guy's a heck of a football player. He's got a lot of great speed; you might think you have him and then you don't. He's kind of like a phantom."
Read Roy Burton's full writeup here:
Wildcats Jones'n for key win: EWU's ground game on WSU's radar
The Salt Lake Tribune carries a pretty good pregame story too:
Weber State to keep things ‘simple’ against Eastern Washington
Kickoff's set for 1:30 p.m. at Stewart Stadium.

For those Wildcat fans who can't make it to the stadium, catch the audio broadcasts on WSU's flagship KLO Radio. Surprise of surprises, a live video broadcast will be available on the Altitude cable channel (Comcast channel 61).

WSU fans are invited to post their comments here, before, during and after the game, as per usual.

Best of luck to our highly athleticly-talented home town team, the Wildcats, and to their Yoda-style head coach Mac, of course .

Update 10/3/10 9:00 a.m.: A misfiring Wildcats squad falls by a final score of 35-24:
Wildcats fall short vs. EWU
A frustrated Coach Mac definitely has his work cut out for him as the Wildcats approach a bye week.

Update 10/4/10 5:30 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries some more post game commentary this morning. Check out Roy Burton's latest WSU Notes column here:
'No excuses' for Wildcats' mental errors in crucial loss


Weber U Booster said...

Go Wildcats!

homebound said...

Ill be sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how my Wildcats will do on Alt Teevee.

Can't Wait said...

The game's coming up in about 18 minutes.

Love them Wildcats said...

The game's now on.

DANG said...

DANG! EWU UP 7-ought!

zoobie boy said...

Heres the deal. Cameron Higgins is delivering hot passeses to his recievers. Like BYU recivers, WSU receivers have stone hands, and are dropping way to many Higgins passes.

ozboy said...

It is difficult for me to understand how otherwise intelligent people could actually give a squat about this sort of mock warfare played out by boys.

Loves WSU said...

Wow! Higgens to Phillips for a big pass TD play. Point after: good.

WSU up 17-14.

Maybe WSU can only play Championship football after the 1st half warmup

EW Boy said...

One of our receivers waltses into the endzone untouched.

Eat me WSU fans.

EWU up 21-14!

EW Boy said...

TD EWU. Our skinny running back busts through three pussy WSU arm tackles. Score: EWU:28. WSU: 17.

Curmudgeon said...

The game in a nutshell:

WSU blocking was poor, limiting the ground game. Tackling was poor often enough. First tackler missed pass receiver on key third down plays, freeing receiver to go five more yards for the first down. Or more. WSU pass rush was virtually non-existent for most of the game. EW QB had time to send out for coffee, work a little on his math homework, before looking lazily around for a receiver.

Higgins hit on deep routes, but couldn't complete flat and slant passes at key points to keep possession to save his life. And he threw two goal line interceptions. First not his fault: a catchable ball that went through WSU receiver's hands into EW player's hands. But the second, and killer one, came with open receivers in the end zone. Higgins threw instead to a receiver who was double covered, and EW back jumped the route, picked the pass and scrambled thirty yards plus up field.

WSU had a lot trouble in the secondary all day long, particularly covering short routes on third down, and longer routes in the final Q as EW blew the game open.

The only facet of the game at which WSU played consistently well was special teams. Kicks were good to excellent. Kick coverage very good.

EW QB was impressive. He was an effective drop back passer. On the rare occasions -- very rare --- pressure developed, he stepped up into the pocket and got the ball off and completed. And when WSU sent a blitz overload from the right, he rolled away to his right and completed the pass on the run. Impressive. He played a smart game.

WSU just got outplayed at every facet of the game except special teams.

Ozboy said...

Jeeze, how dismal!

First we have Mr. Curmudgeon squandering his considerable intellect on an analysis of this incredibly boring boy's game of stylized warfare.

Then we have "Is Ozboy gay" with such an incredible display of brilliant deductive reasoning that all I have left is to go jump of the George Washington bridge.

If this is what the world has come to I won't miss it at all!

Curmudgeon said...

What's a zoobie?

Curmudgeon said...


College football is the great Saturday afternoon morality play of our times. Each week through the fall and early winter, God's Teams [the Mighty Wisconsin Badgers, WSU and whoever is playing Notre Dame and BYU] suit up to battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way against the Forces of Darkness [Ohio State, Alabama, BYU, Notre Dame and whoever Vizor Boy is coaching --- currently South Carolina].

Everyone who has been properly brought up knows this. Or should.

BAT_girl said...

HISTORY repeats itself: first as tragedy, then as farce........."

BAT_girl said...

PS. I cold give a RAT'S ASS about football.

Curmudgeon said...

Oz and BG:

Hey, guys, it's a form of entertainment. As with most forms of entertainment, some enjoy it, some don't. Fine with me either way. I enjoy watching college football and minor league baseball and women's softball. And ice hockey if its live [the sport cannot be successfully televised]. If they never played another pro football game or NBA game, I would (a) not notice and (b) not care. But for folks who enjoy those sports, again, fine with me.

AS with most things, college football can be done well or badly --- same as concerts, plays, hunting, hiking or name whatever form of entertainment floats your stick. And like most things, the more you know about it, the more you're likely to appreciate about it when it's done well.

But it's just entertainment. A pleasant [for some of us] way to spend a fall afternoon in a stadium or a fall evening in front of the TV. No more reason to look down on a college football fan [the sane ones that is] than there is to look down on a Jazz fan or someone who likes to attend plays and shows, or even golfers [though I admit the argument that all golfers are crazy people probably shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.]

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

RudiZink said...

A little something for non football fans Ozboy and BAT-girl:

George Carlin Baseball vs Football

Sidebar for Curm:

The origin of the term "zoobie" explored

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks very much for the zoobie link. I've been wondering for a while.

Damok said...

Ilove that Carlin Clip.

BAsically, baseball is for Hispanic Intellectual with way to much time on their hands. Football is for Low-Brow White Men with way to much testosterone in their blood...

And snow boarding is for stoner democrats.

Dan S. said...

Hey sports fans, don't forget the rest of the news: Earnshaw condo buyers scammed out of their deposits by FOM... height amendment ordinance postponed... chickens on the agenda for Tuesday, followed by Trolley District presentation.

South Bench said...

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